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FloorMaster Estimating Software

FloorMaster can be used as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated with RollMaster, the industry’s most powerful flooring business software, for unprecedented profitability and control.

RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise

RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise.  The RollMaster cloud is widely recognized as a flooring business technology game changer, yet its potential for driving business innovation remains in its infancy.  Cost flexibility is a key reason many companies consider RollMaster cloud adoption in the first place. The majority of ourRead More

RollMaster Training Workshop – Seattle – September 18th -20th 2012

September 18-20th, 2012 in Seattle. The purpose of these workshops is education, feature familiarization, new feature introductions and to get client feature input. These workshops are conducted classroom style, with a qualified RollMaster trainer. Make Plans to Attend Our September Workshop in Seattle! Hotel Arrangements* /September 2012 Workshop: We have a special room rate ofRead More

Why Consider the RollMaster Flooring Business Software Cloud?

The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud (RM Cloud) puts your business management performance first.  The RMCloud delivers state-of-the-art technology at the lowest possible cost to any Internet enabled device.  The RM vertical market cloud offers deep industry insight, a comprehensive cross industry approach, best-in-class performance, and the power to run and extend your business operations from small startup to anyRead More

RollMaster Cloud Solutions

RollMaster Cloud solutions are tailored to address your flooring business needs – whatever they may be. The RollMaster Cloud solution is cost-effective to purchase, deploys quickly, and delivers rapid time to value. RollMaster’s flooring management solutions can grow with your business, expand your business processes, and seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise IT investments. Additionally,Read More

Run your flooring business more efficiently, for less

RollMaster Cloud solutions are tailored to address your flooring business needs – whatever they may be The RollMaster Cloud solution is cost-effective to purchase, deploys quickly, and delivers rapid time to value. These flooring management solutions can grow with your business, expand your business processes, and seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise IT investments. WeRead More

The RollMaster Cloud is a smart move for flooring businesses of any size

Let’s focus on what the RM Cloud is. The RollMaster Cloud platform has five characteristics: on demand self-service; broad network access; resource pooling; rapid elasticity or expansion and measured service. Benefits of the RM Cloud: •Reduced Cost The use of RMCloud technology is paid incrementally, saving money. •Increased Storage RM enables flooring businesses toRead More

We look forward to seeing you at our RollMaster Seattle Workshop!

We look forward to seeing you at our RollMaster Seattle Workshop! Yosemite Room – 3rd Floor Seattle Crowne Plaza 1113 Sixth Street Seattle WA 98101 (206) 464-1980 Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 Please join us at our All American Breakfast Buffet 8:00AM – 9:00AM The first day and a half of the workshop will be conductedRead More

RollMaster Flooring Business Software for Profitable Growth

Sell more effectively with better sales tracking and real-time visibility. With RollMaster, every step of a sale—from proposal, estimating, scheduling and emails to collaboration with colleagues—is tracked in one place, so sales stay on top of proposals and build stronger relationships with their clients. RollMaster real-time analytics, delivers information so that you can make smarterRead More

Today’s Landscape for Web Threats – It may be helpful to remember these methods

Here are just a few of the techniques cybercriminals commonly use to distribute malware on the web: Blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) ranks malware pages highly in search results. Social engineered click-jacking tricks users into clicking on innocent-looking webpages. Spearphishing sites mimic legitimate institutions, such as banks, in an attempt to steal account login credentials. MalvertisingRead More

Ideas on Selecting Business Software for a Flooring Business

The flooring industry has an excellent group of dedicated software developers, all of whom are competent, honest and truly devoted to the flooring industry. I believe that it is important to move away from any software that is not designed specifically to meet the needs of our industry; you should find a company who understandsRead More

Consider the benefits of the RollMaster Cloud.

No matter where you are in the flooring software adoption cycle, RollMaster has the people, processes, and proven track record to make a real difference and help you take a direct route to using superior business management software in the cloud. With RollMaster as your partner, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefitsRead More

RollMaster In The Cloud Delivers Results

Measurable business results. that’s what drives companies to partner with RollMaster Software. Each customer has a unique story to tell about their path to success. Flooring business clients, large to small and from around North America, benefit from the RollMaster Cloud processes ability to produce positive results. Delivering actionable information, formalizing processes, controlling margins isRead More

The RollMaster Cloud Solution Shifts the TCO Discussion

The current housing market creates difficult economic conditions for Flooring Dealers and Distributors and makes a compelling argument in support of the RollMaster Cloud. Just like other industries, flooring enterprises need business solutions that help them to manage day-to-day operations and processes more efficiently. At the same time, they want insight and intelligence to successfullyRead More

The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications

The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications In today’s challenging economy, flooring companies are eager to minimize the cost of running business-critical applications. At the same time, they need a robust platform and continual software development, updates, support and documentation. The ever changing business environment demands constant changes in transaction reporting,Read More

Compelling RollMaster Cloud Elements for Consideration

The RollMaster Vertical Cloud RollMaster Cloud computing is disruptive innovation which enables a fundamental shift from the capital expense to an operating expense model. It separates application and information resources from the underlying infrastructure, and the mechanisms used to deliver them.  The RollMaster Cloud delivers specialized functions and options that meet flooring industry-best use practicesRead More

Advantages of the RollMaster Flooring Software Cloud:

The RM-Cloud simplifies IT for the busy flooring enterprise; it routinely maintains current and relevant business process technology while eliminating the complex tasks of owning, replacing, updating, managing local and remote server hardware, licenses, updates, LAN and WAN issues. The RM-Cloud delivers a convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources,Read More

Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business?

Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business? 1. Reduced costs: RollMaster Cloud computing reduces your hardware (computers, software all those downloaded programs), networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with RollMaster Cloud computing, your software is always current and you only pay for what you need and use. 2. Scalability: You canRead More

What makes the RollMaster Cloud Better than Your in House Server?

The RM-Cloud Architecture: Two (East & West Coast) broadband internet 100MB CLEC quality pipes with auto failover/switching DNS Two roof top mounted, 100KW generators (one powered by natural gas the other fed from a 500G propane tank with auto failover/switching. The roof tops are atop the third floor; no potential for localized tree damage orRead More

Flooring Businesses Should Always Avoid These Software Packages!

QuickBooks, SAP, Sage, Dynamics, Salesforce and other Generic Purpose Packages are rarely (if ever) successfully implemented in a Flooring Business!   Another Big mistake is In-House development! Flooring enterprises seeking enhanced margin control and business management software should look exclusively at the options available from the Flooring Industry software developers. Forget the generic, one sizeRead More

Flooring Businesses! Let’s put all of the cards on the table!

Flooring business software is more than writing checks and keeping lists of expenses! Implementing and benefiting from flooring business management software requires an industry expert willing to partner in the effort.  Developing software “in house” is folly.  Your best choice is a flooring industry software developer. Here are a few flooring software functionality features andRead More

This is A New Era in the Flooring Industry

The cloud solution is not as simple as making a server available for internet remote access; the cloud is an environment, with standards, practices and redundancy designed to maximize delivery and availability.

Why are Flooring Businesses Moving to the Cloud?

Mobile devices have eaten into PC sales, and cloud computing gives companies what can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. In the last three years virtually 100% of companies buying software from us have chosen the cloud alternative. The RollMaster Cloud is an IT platform that can supportRead More

The RMCloud enables mobile; mobile Increases revenue on the customer side of the equation.

So, now the question is, will your flooring business be one that simply uses mobile devices for basic things like email, social media and expense management, or will it become the way you do business? Cloud computing opens the path for the mobile enterprise.  It is not hard to understand the flooring industry synergies ofRead More

Woman browsing flooring samples

Six Elements to Consider in Evaluating Flooring Business Software

Flooring businesses can only grow and thrive when they have the information they need to make informed decisions. You can’t analyze data that you don’t have, afterall. Investing in flooring industry specific software that delivers operational data and analytics allows flooring professionals to make informed decisions that will grow their business. When evaluating your flooringRead More

Flooring professional and client browsing flooring samples

Make Better Business Decisions with Data Visualization

Compiling data to make decisions for your flooring business can be overwhelming. Spreadsheets filled with numbers and figures, paper records, and month-end reports take a significant amount of time to sift through before you can even get to the decision making process for your business. RollMaster users can cut down on the time it takesRead More

Flooring professional and client browsing flooring samples

Struggling to Run Your Business with Inadequate Software? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Data is becoming increasingly complex and harder to organize and manage. Having software that is integrated and geared similar to the way you do business helps to ensure you have the ability to be proactive with your critical business decisions. Don’t let the lack of the right technology put your business behind the competition. DiscoverRead More

Flooring store seo tips

The Green Flooring Business Debate: What You Need to Know About Going Green

Is now the time to go green? According to Forbes, 87% of consumers prefer to buy a product with social and environmental benefits if given the opportunity. This extends to all consumer products, including flooring. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a fad, it’s becoming an expectation. Now is the time to think about how youRead More

Rollmaster mobile app screenshot on smart phone

Premier Automation

Integrated business software creates digital transformation for flooring businesses. Using cloud-based technology to automate your business will make it more efficient and effective. Discover how RollMaster’s integrated automation software can help your flooring business make technology work for you and not the other way around.

Flooring professional and client reviewing flooring order

Our Free CARE Tracking Program Helps Users Avoid Huge Fines

We know just how stressful it can be when changes in legislation require you to make changes in your business as quickly as possible. Making sure that our partners stay compliant with CARE regulations has always been a given. Since 2011 we’ve provided free tracking programming for our partners impacted by the CARE act. WhatRead More

Brandon Pindell of Rollmaster headshot

The Road to RollMaster: Brandon Pindell

Before joining the RollMaster team, I worked in the flooring industry for nearly a decade. My flooring journey began at Empire Carpet. I started out in their now non-existent home improvement division, then became a Training Manager for their warehouse using their proprietary software. Discovering Which Software Works After leaving Empire Carpet, I worked myRead More

How To Use Barcodes For Inventory | Android barcode scanner

Upgrade to the New Android Handheld Wireless Barcode Device

Flooring inventory management just got quicker and easier with our new, industry-first integration with Android’s handheld wireless barcode device. An Industry-First Integration: Smartphone Inventory Management This is full integration with the new Android handheld wireless barcode device. That means access to everything RollMaster has to offer from anywhere inside the warehouse or out on installs.Read More

Screenshot on mobile with details of barcode device contest

Win a $1000 Android Barcode Device

This giveaway is now closed, thank you to all who entered! We’re Thankful for You! This November we wanted to share our thanks with our wonderful partners with a giveaway of a new Android Barcode Device! This new handheld device has all the functionality of the barcode technology that may be familiar, but with improvedRead More

Rollmaster team group photo

Thank You To Our Partners And Staff For An Excellent Year

As 2019 comes to a close and we celebrate so much to be thankful for, the RollMaster leadership team would like to extend a message of appreciation for not only RollMaster Flooring Software users, but to our amazing staff who make it all possible. “I have great appreciation and pride for what our team doesRead More

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2019 In Review

This year brought many changes that have made RollMaster Flooring Business Software even better heading into 2020. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our customers and making it easier to run and grow their flooring businesses. We’re dedicated to taking your recommendations for the functionality of RollMaster Software, you canRead More

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Win A Free Workshop Ticket!

Thank you to all who entered, this giveaway is now closed! Our first workshop of the year is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you can come! The Spring 2020 workshop will be held at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, from April 6th through the 9th. We’re excited this year forRead More

Flooring professional and client discussing flooring order

Exciting News For B2B Partners!

Our B2B Integration provides a standardized format for documents and methods to be exchanged electronically. Our B2B Trading Partners can exchange documents between the different systems of buyers and vendors! This integration also saves our B2B Trading Partners time, money, and reduces errors by allowing them to automate labor-intensive tasks! Our Newest B2B Trading PartnerRead More

COVID-19 Message

With all the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we want to make sure our priority remains the health and well-being of our clients and employees. We are monitoring the outbreak, and it is becoming clear that this virus will impact a large portion of the population. Many states have declared an emergency,Read More

Collage photo of women in flooring

Women in Flooring

March is women’s history month! This month we wanted to take the time to highlight just some of the amazing women who are pushing the flooring industry to new heights, and encourage women who are new to the industry. We asked a few leading women in flooring about their experiences to help shed light onRead More

Rollmaster digital marketing hub screenshot on laptop

How To Use Digital Marketing For Your Flooring Business

We all know that marketing can make a huge impact on your business. Being easy to find online is key to bringing in new customers and gaining additional sales from existing customers. Digital marketing is incredibly effective but used to be extremely time consuming and expensive. RollMaster has teamed up with Creating Your Space toRead More

Flooring professional and client reviewing flooring order

RollMaster’s Most Powerful Integrations

One of the reasons RollMaster has become the complete solution for managing flooring businesses is because of our unique software integrations. These integrations use our API to seamlessly link our partners with the tools they need to run their businesses as effectively as possible. Our integrations benefit every level of your business from making warehouseRead More

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A RollMaster Partnership Of Decades

At RollMaster, we have a long history in the Flooring Technology industry. We started in the early 1980s, and have grown both our company and our software over more than 30 years. One major thing that has never changed is our steadfast commitment to our customers and our employees. Because RollMaster Flooring Software was builtRead More

Press Release written out on typewriter

RollMaster Software Announces Acquisition of VenCom EDI– Top Priority is Maintaining Continuity of Service to Existing Clients

Textile Management Systems, Inc., d/b/a RollMaster Software, a top tier flooring specific business management software, has finalized a deal to acquire VenCom EDI. This deal was precipitated by the passing of VenCom, LLC co-owner and founder, Bob Turner, earlier this year. “Bob was a founding member of the fcB2B initiative, as were we, so theRead More

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How To Make Your Installation Process More Efficient To Save Your Business Money

Owners and managers of flooring businesses know just how valuable it is to make their business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. From boosting sales to cleaning up their inventory process, running a tight ship helps your business make more money! The installation team is one of the most crucial in flooring businesses. They’reRead More

Flooring professional and client discussing flooring order

Close More Jobs With Fully Integrated Lead Tracking

Automating your flooring business sets you up for success. How? By ensuring that you don’t miss any opportunities at converting your prospects into clients! A fully integrated Lead Processing system with helpful product integrations ensures that you are able to easily and consistently work with your leads to convert more sales. Our RollMaster Lead ProcessingRead More

Road map with a red pin

How To Make Your Flooring Company More Profitable

Flooring Experts Share Tips You Need to Know to Boost Efficiency RollMaster Flooring Software is made for flooring professionals by flooring professionals. Our team spends every day in flooring stores of all kinds and sizes. From small mom and pop shops to huge multi-store operations, we know how to make every department of your flooringRead More

Flooring software icons screenshot on tablet

Three Ways Flooring Companies can Save Time and Money

Investing in software can help flooring companies grow to new heights, but did you know that it can also unlock lots of valuable time? Flooring business-specific software makes running and operating your business quicker and easier by creating solution-based efficiencies. ARE INEFFICIENT PROGRAMS WASTING YOUR STAFF’S TIME (AND YOUR MONEY)? If you’re utilizing different softwareRead More

Analytics screenshot on a desktop

How can I save on data entry services?

Forget double entry with RollMaster Flooring Software. How much time do your employees lose every month by adding the same information into different programs? When you’re in the zone and doing your paperwork, you may not notice a few minutes here and there, but over the course of a month or a year, those minutesRead More

Rows of rolled up rugs

Here’s How Commercial Flooring Bidding Software Will Win More Jobs

Flooring companies who want to impress a client before winning a job requires more than just an awesome salesperson. Having the right tools in place makes any flooring company look more professional, and benefits the rest of the job process! Commercial flooring bidding software helps you win more bids and makes the job easier andRead More

Rollmaster digital marketing hub screenshot on laptop.

How to Grow Flooring Online Sales With Digital Marketing

2020 in particular has proven to many of us that the ability to be flexible in how (and where!) you’re meeting your clients is key! With many stores required to close their sales floor for weeks or months, the only place you could reach new clients was digitally.  Creating flooring online sales requires a fewRead More

Business Insights screenshot on laptop and mobile

Essential Business Insights to Track for Flooring Company Success

One of the quickest ways to gain more profit for your business is to lower your costs. But we know this isn’t the easiest thing to do! When you’re able to quickly and easily gain business insights on a granular level, you’ll be better able to find profit leaking holes.  Gain Business Insights With DataRead More

How To Use Barcodes For Inventory | Android barcode scanner

How To Use Barcodes For Massive Inventory Improvements

A disorganized warehouse can create huge problems and costly errors for flooring businesses. Although it may feel like the warehouse is just one component of your business, it feeds into other critical functions. Not knowing exactly how much product you have can lead to problems for your sales staff and installation down the line. GettingRead More

Running a sales analysis can help find profit leaks

Sales Analysis Can Actually Boost Your Business Profits

Many aspects of your flooring business combine together to either increase or decrease your profits. When you have proper budgeting, job costing, and regularly run sales analysis, you can see flaws that cause profit leakage.  What is profit Leakage? Profit leakage is when an inefficiency, flaw, or mistake culminates in a job netting your businessRead More

virtual accountant using RollMaster Flooring Software to run reports

How Can a Virtual Accountant Save My Flooring Company Money?

Highly trained virtual accountants are able to save businesses huge amounts of money without being on your regular staff. But they need to understand the industry and have the right tools to do it. The flooring industry in particular has its own unique challenges. At RollMaster, we employ a team of experts in both theRead More

Dev O'Reilly headshot

Looking Forward into 2021 and Beyond for the Flooring Industry

From the Desk of Dev O’Reilly: The pandemic has changed the retail landscape significantly. Consumers are smarter and demand job information as well as project transparency. No one will tolerate silence once an agreement has been signed. Retail clients demand additional services, i.e., quick and easy delivery and returns, as well as the ability toRead More

Installer showing customer floor plan on tablet

How Laser Quoting Software Creates Valuable Efficiencies in Your Flooring Business

We all know that sometimes we need to work smarter, not harder to boost business. Creating efficiencies from the beginning to the end of a job means that the whole project runs more smoothly. Lowering the time spent on projects, avoiding installation mishaps, and ultimately presenting a polished product to your clients with less effortRead More

Person using RM software on Mobile Phone

The Digital Marketing Boom: From Mobile Carpet Showroom to Expert Emails

More than ever we’re shopping online. Heading to a flooring store on the weekend to look at carpeting options is not the first way a client will interact with your business anymore. Instead, prospective buyers are looking for mobile carpet showrooms that they can peruse from the comfort of their couch. Making sure your businessRead More

Rollmaster Flooring E Docs screenshot on a laptop.

Get Superior Organization With Digital Document Management

Managing documents for your flooring company used to mean rows of filing cabinets filled to the brim with job information, invoices, flooring catalogs, and other notes needed to run the business smoothly. All of that documentation takes up space, can be hard to find, and can be disastrous if misplaced or destroyed. The way ofRead More

Flooring store seo tips

SEO And Your Flooring Store: What You Need to Know

By Samuel Greenberg Table of Contents First of All: What is SEO? Why Is SEO Important for Flooring Dealers? How Does Google Rank Search Results? How to Optimize Your Flooring Site: Best Practices Optimize for Specific Keyword Searches Create Meaningful Blog Content Provide an Excellent User Experience Harness the Power of Google My Business OptimizeRead More

Phone flooring app showing use of flooring installation calendar.

You Need Flooring Apps: Stay Fully Connected Through Your Phone

One of the best ways that flooring businesses can create efficiencies is by making sure their time is well spent. That means avoiding double entry, streamlining your inventory, and making sure you don’t need to run back and forth between installations and the office. But, saving that time on back-and-forth means you’ll need a wayRead More

flooring business management system Rollmaster on a computer

Just one flooring business management system? RollMaster makes it possible

Flooring businesses rely on many tools that make their company run effectively and smoothly. But, when it comes to software, many businesses only pick up a new single-use system here and there when they need it. But, did you know that a single flooring business management system can create money-saving efficiencies that these single-use systemsRead More

how do I get more floor leads? learn from RollMaster software experts

How Do I Get More Floor Leads?

Now that the economy is reopening and people are preparing to save their pennies for things like travel and restaurants, the competition for flooring leads is about to explode. With competition on the rise it’s more important than ever to generate a high number of floor leads, because the more leads you can generate, theRead More

running a successful flooring business in 2021 and beyond

Running A Successful Flooring Business Made Easier

Competition for new customers has never been higher. Now people are turning to saving their money for vacations, nights out, and new adventures, fewer are looking to spend money renovating their home. With this competition in mind, how are you going to grow into a successful flooring business? Using our decades of experience, we’ve gotRead More

How To Bid On Commercial Flooring Jobs

Bidding on commercial flooring jobs can be a tricky business. With large-scale jobs, prospects can be exacting in their needs and expectations. With our decades of experience in the flooring industry we know that commercial flooring businesses have unique needs for every job. How do you bid on (and win!) commercial flooring jobs? By provingRead More

Flooring professional and client discussing flooring order

How To Start A Flooring Business

Starting a flooring business is an exciting adventure! We know from experience that working in the flooring industry can be very rewarding. If you are just at the beginning of your flooring career we hope that this blog post can help give you the tools you need to make important decisions. While this blog postRead More

floor covering dealers can impress clients with great service

Marketing Your Flooring Business Online: Detailed Tips For Your Marketing Plan

Competition in the flooring industry can be tough, no matter your market sector. When the competition is fierce, how do you win more jobs? You win by making your digital presence impossible to ignore, with an informative website and powerful social signals. Now more than ever it’s critical to connect with your prospects online. WithoutRead More

Announcing: Broadlume Acquires RollMaster

Broadlume, parent company of FloorForce, Creating Your Space,, and Retail Lead Management (RLM), is proud to announce the acquisition of RollMaster: a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the flooring industry.  ERP platforms allow businesses to manage and integrate different software systems and processes. RollMaster—an ERP developed specifically to empower theRead More