Consider the benefits of the RollMaster Cloud.

No matter where you are in the flooring software adoption cycle, RollMaster has the people, processes, and proven track record to make a real difference and help you take a direct route to using superior business management software in the cloud. With RollMaster as your partner, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits of utilizing industry specific software and cloud computing—without the hype—because RollMaster offers the most extensive range of cloud computing expertise, products, and services. Contact us today and learn more about the RollMaster Cloud solutions and how we can help make your journey to flooring software and the cloud a smooth process.
The RollMaster Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated solution for all Flooring operations. For a complete, integrated platform, look no further than RollMaster Cloud. The RollMaster Cloud is the industry’s most complete cloud system, with offerings for both flooring enterprise organizations and flooring industry service providers. And RollMaster is the only vendor able to deliver such a comprehensive cloud platform with the attributes needed by flooring industry professionals.
With the broadest set of business applications, the R0llMaster offers a unified way to offer, and manage software and support services across our private cloud and traditional IT. It enables the flexibility to scale capacity, it is extensible to existing IT infrastructure, and it can support third party cloud environments.
The RollMaster Cloud consists of three integrated offerings. These offerings provide a range of services for all organizations as well as an avenue for growth and expansion:
• The RollMaster Cloud is a focused private cloud and infrastructure, offered as a service. This offering allows you to provision infrastructure and RollMaster applications quickly. Updates, support and training collaboration are facilitated at a very low cost.
• The RollMaster Cloud Enterprise is for those looking to a private cloud environments and the full range of service models over multiple physical locations. It provides a single point of contact and service view of your operations, from the private cloud inter-connected to your traditional IT with advanced application to infrastructure lifecycle management.
• Finally, The RollMaster Cloud Service is tuned for flooring businesses that manage their own IT infrastructure and are looking for remote services. Examples include standalone scheduling for services and installations and/or remote(off-site) backup. Our remote backup provides the ability to preserve critical data and enable the business to resume operations, in the RollMaster Cloud environment, quickly. Backing up your data is important; being able to resume operations quickly is critical.
The RollMaster Cloud enables you to enable and manage cloud services across your flooring business enterprise without having to know or care, whether those services come from RollMaster Cloud’s own resources, from your existing infrastructure, or from the public domain.
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Are you ready for the RollMaster cloud? While there is plenty of hype about cloud computing, it can bring you real benefits. Embracing the RollMaster cloud makes sense for your business; it can speed your time to revenue and reduce your costs. RollMaster means cutting through the hype to find real solutions. To learn more about RollMaster Cloud technologies, go to

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