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FloorMaster Estimating Software

FloorMaster can be used as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated with RollMaster, the industry’s most powerful flooring business software, for unprecedented profitability and control.

Mobility in the Network: A Phased Technology Approach

The move to a global workforce is driving a 24×7, always-on model of operation with the constant need for access to content, data and applications. the proliferation of smart mobile devices is enabling an increasingly mobile workforce that demands anytime, anywhere, enterprise application and content usage.

RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise

RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise.  The RollMaster cloud is widely recognized as a flooring business technology game changer, yet its potential for driving business innovation remains in its infancy.  Cost flexibility is a key reason many companies consider RollMaster cloud adoption in the first place. The majority of ourRead More

Why Consider the RollMaster Flooring Business Software Cloud?

The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud (RM Cloud) puts your business management performance first.  The RMCloud delivers state-of-the-art technology at the lowest possible cost to any Internet enabled device.  The RM vertical market cloud offers deep industry insight, a comprehensive cross industry approach, best-in-class performance, and the power to run and extend your business operations from small startup to anyRead More

RollMaster Cloud Solutions

RollMaster Cloud solutions are tailored to address your flooring business needs – whatever they may be. The RollMaster Cloud solution is cost-effective to purchase, deploys quickly, and delivers rapid time to value. RollMaster’s flooring management solutions can grow with your business, expand your business processes, and seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise IT investments. Additionally,Read More

The RollMaster Cloud is a smart move for flooring businesses of any size

Let’s focus on what the RM Cloud is. The RollMaster Cloud platform has five characteristics: on demand self-service; broad network access; resource pooling; rapid elasticity or expansion and measured service. Benefits of the RM Cloud: •Reduced Cost The use of RMCloud technology is paid incrementally, saving money. •Increased Storage RM enables flooring businesses toRead More

RollMaster Flooring Business Software for Profitable Growth

Sell more effectively with better sales tracking and real-time visibility. With RollMaster, every step of a sale—from proposal, estimating, scheduling and emails to collaboration with colleagues—is tracked in one place, so sales stay on top of proposals and build stronger relationships with their clients. RollMaster real-time analytics, delivers information so that you can make smarterRead More

Consider the benefits of the RollMaster Cloud.

No matter where you are in the flooring software adoption cycle, RollMaster has the people, processes, and proven track record to make a real difference and help you take a direct route to using superior business management software in the cloud. With RollMaster as your partner, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefitsRead More

RollMaster In The Cloud Delivers Results

Measurable business results. that’s what drives companies to partner with RollMaster Software. Each customer has a unique story to tell about their path to success. Flooring business clients, large to small and from around North America, benefit from the RollMaster Cloud processes ability to produce positive results. Delivering actionable information, formalizing processes, controlling margins isRead More

The RollMaster Cloud Solution Shifts the TCO Discussion

The current housing market creates difficult economic conditions for Flooring Dealers and Distributors and makes a compelling argument in support of the RollMaster Cloud. Just like other industries, flooring enterprises need business solutions that help them to manage day-to-day operations and processes more efficiently. At the same time, they want insight and intelligence to successfullyRead More

The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications

The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications In today’s challenging economy, flooring companies are eager to minimize the cost of running business-critical applications. At the same time, they need a robust platform and continual software development, updates, support and documentation. The ever changing business environment demands constant changes in transaction reporting,Read More

Compelling RollMaster Cloud Elements for Consideration

The RollMaster Vertical Cloud RollMaster Cloud computing is disruptive innovation which enables a fundamental shift from the capital expense to an operating expense model. It separates application and information resources from the underlying infrastructure, and the mechanisms used to deliver them.  The RollMaster Cloud delivers specialized functions and options that meet flooring industry-best use practicesRead More

Advantages of the RollMaster Flooring Software Cloud:

The RM-Cloud simplifies IT for the busy flooring enterprise; it routinely maintains current and relevant business process technology while eliminating the complex tasks of owning, replacing, updating, managing local and remote server hardware, licenses, updates, LAN and WAN issues. The RM-Cloud delivers a convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources,Read More

Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business?

Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business? 1. Reduced costs: RollMaster Cloud computing reduces your hardware (computers, software all those downloaded programs), networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with RollMaster Cloud computing, your software is always current and you only pay for what you need and use. 2. Scalability: You canRead More

Why are Flooring Businesses Moving to the Cloud?

Mobile devices have eaten into PC sales, and cloud computing gives companies what can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. In the last three years virtually 100% of companies buying software from us have chosen the cloud alternative. The RollMaster Cloud is an IT platform that can supportRead More

The RMCloud enables mobile; mobile Increases revenue on the customer side of the equation.

So, now the question is, will your flooring business be one that simply uses mobile devices for basic things like email, social media and expense management, or will it become the way you do business? Cloud computing opens the path for the mobile enterprise.  It is not hard to understand the flooring industry synergies ofRead More

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Six Elements to Consider in Evaluating Flooring Business Software

Flooring businesses can only grow and thrive when they have the information they need to make informed decisions. You can’t analyze data that you don’t have, afterall. Investing in flooring industry specific software that delivers operational data and analytics allows flooring professionals to make informed decisions that will grow their business. When evaluating your flooringRead More

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Make Better Business Decisions with Data Visualization

Compiling data to make decisions for your flooring business can be overwhelming. Spreadsheets filled with numbers and figures, paper records, and month-end reports take a significant amount of time to sift through before you can even get to the decision making process for your business. RollMaster users can cut down on the time it takesRead More

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Premier Automation

Integrated business software creates digital transformation for flooring businesses. Using cloud-based technology to automate your business will make it more efficient and effective. Discover how RollMaster’s integrated automation software can help your flooring business make technology work for you and not the other way around.

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Our Free CARE Tracking Program Helps Users Avoid Huge Fines

We know just how stressful it can be when changes in legislation require you to make changes in your business as quickly as possible. Making sure that our partners stay compliant with CARE regulations has always been a given. Since 2011 we’ve provided free tracking programming for our partners impacted by the CARE act. WhatRead More

How To Use Barcodes For Inventory | Android barcode scanner

Upgrade to the New Android Handheld Wireless Barcode Device

Flooring inventory management just got quicker and easier with our new, industry-first integration with Android’s handheld wireless barcode device. An Industry-First Integration: Smartphone Inventory Management This is full integration with the new Android handheld wireless barcode device. That means access to everything RollMaster has to offer from anywhere inside the warehouse or out on installs.Read More

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Exciting News For B2B Partners!

Our B2B Integration provides a standardized format for documents and methods to be exchanged electronically. Our B2B Trading Partners can exchange documents between the different systems of buyers and vendors! This integration also saves our B2B Trading Partners time, money, and reduces errors by allowing them to automate labor-intensive tasks! Our Newest B2B Trading PartnerRead More

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RollMaster’s Most Powerful Integrations

One of the reasons RollMaster has become the complete solution for managing flooring businesses is because of our unique software integrations. These integrations use our API to seamlessly link our partners with the tools they need to run their businesses as effectively as possible. Our integrations benefit every level of your business from making warehouseRead More

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How can I save on data entry services?

Forget double entry with RollMaster Flooring Software. How much time do your employees lose every month by adding the same information into different programs? When you’re in the zone and doing your paperwork, you may not notice a few minutes here and there, but over the course of a month or a year, those minutesRead More

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Here’s How Commercial Flooring Bidding Software Will Win More Jobs

Flooring companies who want to impress a client before winning a job requires more than just an awesome salesperson. Having the right tools in place makes any flooring company look more professional, and benefits the rest of the job process! Commercial flooring bidding software helps you win more bids and makes the job easier andRead More