Make Better Business Decisions with Data Visualization

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Compiling data to make decisions for your flooring business can be overwhelming. Spreadsheets filled with numbers and figures, paper records, and month-end reports take a significant amount of time to sift through before you can even get to the decision making process for your business. RollMaster users can cut down on the time it takes to make big business decisions with the help of data visualization!

What Is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is the process of breaking down raw data into actionable items with easy to understand visuals. Essentially, it gives you the ability to instantly convert all of that information into dynamic charts and graphs that can quickly and easily inform your tactical and strategic business decisions.

If you’re already using the RollMaster Flooring Business Software, it’s easy to integrate data visualization. Using RM Analytics gives you big business data analytics in easy to understand visuals in just a few clicks, right inside the platform you already know.

What does data visualization look like?

RM Analytics utilizes Tableau to create pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs of your business data in real time. You can look at sales, specific jobs, and even break down what products are selling better than others.

Usually, this kind of sales data takes a significant amount of time to organize and create into visuals. With RM Analytics there is no time wasted on your end, just a few clicks and the data is there for you to use.

Big Data Without The Effort

If data is being entered into two or more different software programs, dealers lose the ability to capitalize on the full power of what a system like RollMaster Software can truly deliver. Flooring dealers should only need to enter sales data once and then allow the system to pull and disseminate that data throughout all areas of the system, and eventually out to these valuable API integrated programs.

Unless a flooring dealer is already extremely tech-savvy and knowledgeable about software programming, there’s simply no way for them to recreate what is already available through RM Analytics. RollMaster has put in the effort up front by investing in the developer license and programming several ready to use dashboards. This means you get a professionally crafted program at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Out Of The Box Reporting

To make it simple we developed several default dashboards that display graphs and charts on branch performance, salesperson productivity, company growth, and more, and even these can be further customized to meet each of our dealer’s specific needs.

Make Decisions That Drive Your Business

Business Intelligence creates insights that allow you to turn the data you already have into new opportunities. Data Visualization gives you the ability to instantly convert those insights into diagrams without hours spent analyzing spreadsheets.

It makes finding, querying, and merging information together simple and seamless! When combined in RM Analytics you can quickly evaluate your business data to help you grow your business more easily, and manage your business more effectively. Our visual metrics are designed to be straightforward and clearly show how your business is performing in a purposeful way.

Tableau has changed the way we’re able to see our business overall. We can drill down into a specific job finder, look for products that are selling,  gauge our salespeople. It’s a really important addition.

– Steve Kellog, Flooring Liquidators

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