Partnership with Accu-Cut/Brockie International

Accu-Cut/Brockie International & RollMaster Software Team Up To Provide Seamless Automation to Cutting Machines

Tavares, FL – Scott Brockie, CEO of Accu-Cut/Brockie International, and Dev O’Reilly, President of TMS/RollMaster Software, announced a new joint venture to bring total automation to the flooring industry. Accu-Cut/Brockie International of Tavares, FL, the leader in floor covering cutting machines and RollMaster Software of New Orleans LA, have teamed up to offer flooring retailers complete automated control of their inventory. For the first time, the flooring retail industry has a complete package to bring inventory, a retailer’s most valuable asset, accountable to the bottom line.

“We have wanted to do this for the last three years and we needed to team up with a software company that had large accounts and understood the value of inventory,” said Mike Herschelman, Vice President of Brockie Intentional.

“No more cutting wrong goods, no more cutting those extra inches and being short three feet on every roll, no more hand writing a tag for the cut to go
to the customer
or the installer. The benefits go on and on,” commented Dev O’Reilly.

From within the RollMaster Software System, you can verify and manage all the cuts to be made by any Accu-Cut cutting machine. After each cut is made, a new roll tag is printed displaying the customer’s name, address, job number and roll size. Multiple cuts can be made to one roll from different jobs at the same time. Once all the cuts are made, a new inventory tag is printed with the balance of the roll size and a new bin location can be assigned.

“This is total automation,” declared Bob Botelho, Vice President of RollMaster Software. “This entire system is integrated into our business software along with our RollMaster barcoding program and equipment. With this new combined technology, we will save retailers hundreds of man-hours during physical inventories and yield accurate inventory figures,” he concluded.

For more information call Accu-Cut at 800-222-8288 ( or TMS/RollMaster Flooring Software at 800-777-4107.

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