FloorMaster Estimating Software

FloorMaster Estimating Software Is Latest Introduction from RollMaster/TMS

New Orleans, LA – Textile Management Systems, Inc., (TMS) announces the introduction of FloorMaster, an estimating and job management tool that is easy to use and requires very little training to get up and running. FloorMaster can be used as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated with RollMaster, the industry’s most powerful flooring business software, for unprecedented profitability and control.

“FloorMaster will make it easier to provide proposals from the home, the plan room, or management company’s facilities. You can choose from a list of common room shapes or draw any room with a tablet PC and pen, or standard PC with mouse. Angled walls are no problem. Stairs of all types are easily measured and calculated. FloorMaster is a powerful tool to use that is incredibly easy to master,” said Dev O’Reilly, Owner and President of TMS.

As with the RollMaster Application Service Provider (ASP), called NetFloor, FloorMaster is accessed via the Internet and is therefore accessible from wherever you can log on to the Internet, granting the user freedom and flexibility. Because of this functionality, the user does not have to worry about downloads, lengthy installations and upgrades, backups, or any of the tedious tasks normally associated with a new software package.

FloorMaster is a closing tool that calculates the total cost of the job by developing workable seam plans and assigning appropriate supporting materials to the quote. Seam plans can be changed in almost every way imaginable. This results in better communication with both the customer and the installer.

“FloorMaster is also a scheduling tool for measuring and installation appointments. Users can setup capacities based on zip code and the software will pull the available capacity for measuring and installing based on the zip code of the customer. Your measuring and installation partners can even provide their calendars,” added Dev.

For more information on FloorMaster, RollMaster, or Textile Management Systems, call 800-777-4107.

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