RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise

RollMaster Flooring Business Software offers a Vertical Cloud for the Flooring Enterprise.  The RollMaster cloud is widely recognized as a flooring business technology game changer, yet its potential for driving business innovation remains in its infancy.  Cost flexibility is a key reason many companies consider RollMaster cloud adoption in the first place. The majority of our client executives cite the RollMaster cloud’s ability to reduce fixed IT costs and shift to a more variable “pay for what you need, as you go” cost structure as a top benefit. The RollMaster Cloud can help an organization reduce fixed IT costs by enabling a shift from capital expenses to operational expenses. IT capital expenses – which typically include enterprise software licenses, servers and networking equipment – tend to be less fluid, more expensive and harder to forecast than routine IT operating expenses. With the RollMaster vertical cloud applications, there is no longer a need to build hardware, install software or pay dedicated software license fees. By adopting the RollMaster cloud services, any flooring organization can shift costs from capital to operational – or from fixed to variable. The organization pays for what it needs when it needs it. This pay-per-user model provides greater flexibility and eliminates the need for significant capital expenditures. Cost flexibility is certainly an appealing aspect of the RollMaster cloud for many of our clients. The RollMaster cloud is currently used by flooring retailers, contract dealers, home builder flooring contractors, property management specialists as well as distributors of all sizes. The cost flexibility afforded through the RollMaster cloud enables flooring dealers’ unlimited access to the tools and computing power that is typically too expensive for the typical flooring operation. Indeed, the RollMaster flooring business vertical cloud has the power to fundamentally shift competitive landscapes by providing a new platform for creating and delivering business value. For additional information see or email for details.

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