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How To Use Digital Marketing For Your Flooring Business

We all know that marketing can make a huge impact on your business. Being easy to find online is key to bringing in new customers and gaining additional sales from existing customers. Digital marketing is incredibly effective but used to be extremely time consuming and expensive. RollMaster has teamed up with Creating Your Space toRead More

Rollmaster digital marketing hub screenshot on laptop.

How to Grow Flooring Online Sales With Digital Marketing

2020 in particular has proven to many of us that the ability to be flexible in how (and where!) you’re meeting your clients is key! With many stores required to close their sales floor for weeks or months, the only place you could reach new clients was digitally.  Creating flooring online sales requires a fewRead More

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The Digital Marketing Boom: From Mobile Carpet Showroom to Expert Emails

More than ever we’re shopping online. Heading to a flooring store on the weekend to look at carpeting options is not the first way a client will interact with your business anymore. Instead, prospective buyers are looking for mobile carpet showrooms that they can peruse from the comfort of their couch. Making sure your businessRead More

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SEO And Your Flooring Store: What You Need to Know

By Samuel Greenberg Table of Contents First of All: What is SEO? Why Is SEO Important for Flooring Dealers? How Does Google Rank Search Results? How to Optimize Your Flooring Site: Best Practices Optimize for Specific Keyword Searches Create Meaningful Blog Content Provide an Excellent User Experience Harness the Power of Google My Business OptimizeRead More

floor covering dealers can impress clients with great service

Floor Covering Dealers: Are You Providing Excellent Customer Service?

Floor covering dealers all have one thing in common, no matter their business size: their customers make their business! Providing great customer service doesn’t’ just make your clients happy, it makes them much more likely to give you glowing reviews. Having excellent customer service doesn’t mean that your business is perfect, but that whenever anythingRead More

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How Do I Get More Floor Leads?

Now that the economy is reopening and people are preparing to save their pennies for things like travel and restaurants, the competition for flooring leads is about to explode. With competition on the rise it’s more important than ever to generate a high number of floor leads, because the more leads you can generate, theRead More

floor covering dealers can impress clients with great service

Marketing Your Flooring Business Online: Detailed Tips For Your Marketing Plan

Competition in the flooring industry can be tough, no matter your market sector. When the competition is fierce, how do you win more jobs? You win by making your digital presence impossible to ignore, with an informative website and powerful social signals. Now more than ever it’s critical to connect with your prospects online. WithoutRead More