The Digital Marketing Boom: From Mobile Carpet Showroom to Expert Emails

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More than ever we’re shopping online. Heading to a flooring store on the weekend to look at carpeting options is not the first way a client will interact with your business anymore. Instead, prospective buyers are looking for mobile carpet showrooms that they can peruse from the comfort of their couch. Making sure your business can keep up with the digital revolution is key to growing your business. 

The Digital Shift In Flooring Business Marketing

As we’ve all spent more time at home in 2020 and 2021, like most other things we’ve seen a huge shift to digital. For flooring businesses this may mean making your first website, adding new features to your current website, or launching an email campaign. Making sure you can reach your customers digitally, and from their mobile devices is key in finding new customers. 

How Younger Clients Shop

The younger your clientele becomes, the more likely they will want to do the bulk of their shopping online. Instead of making your flooring store their first stop in the shopping process, they tend to find a variety of options online first before stepping into the traditional sales process. Making sure that you can answer the questions these shoppers have digitally is key in helping them become clients. This includes showing off your inventory online with, for example, a mobile carpet showroom, and having easy ways to contact your business digitally first. 

Why Your Digital Presence Matters

Your digital presence covers every way your clients interact with your business from their computer or mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. It includes your website, social media, email campaigns, even text messaging. It’s critical now more than ever to keep on top of what your digital presence says about your business. 

How Can Digital Campaigns Grow Your Business

RollMaster has partnered with Creating Your Space to make the Digital Marketing Hub! It makes managing your digital presence easy! The Digital Marketing Hub gives you access to professional email templates, expert-created campaigns, and easy texting capabilities. All of these allow you to stay top of mind and reach out to your prospects to help create sales, and stay connected with clients to generate repeat buyers.

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients more profitable. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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