The Green Flooring Business Debate: What You Need to Know About Going Green

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Is now the time to go green? According to Forbes, 87% of consumers prefer to buy a product with social and environmental benefits if given the opportunity. This extends to all consumer products, including flooring. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a fad, it’s becoming an expectation. Now is the time to think about how you can become a green flooring business!

What does it mean to become a green flooring business?

Back in the ‘70s, manufacturers weren’t as environmentally aware or health-conscious as they are today. Most notably a trend of using asbestos in flooring caused outrage once people better understood the health and environmental impacts. 

The flooring industry has already come such a long way since then! But, when it comes to flooring, going green means more than using natural and renewable substances. Environmentally friendly flooring leaves a small carbon footprint, has low-to-no toxicity levels, and has the ability to be renewed and recycled.

Going Green with Software

Going green isn’t just about offering eco-friendly flooring products, you can also go green by updating your business processes. Improving your business processes can help you reduce paper consumption, cut down on time driving to and from the office, and build efficiencies that save you time and energy. RollMaster Flooring Software helps our partners optimize their business processes to be as efficient as possible!

No More Paper Filing

According to The World Counts, the paper is the third-largest industrial polluters of air, water, and soil. Printing fewer cuts down on paper usage and can lower your budget spent on printing materials like ink cartridges and paper. RollMaster’s B2B functionality cuts down on many paper-intensive processes, such as eliminating the need for huge paper price lists by receiving electronic catalog files and pricing updates, as well as sending electronic purchase orders, shipping acknowledgments, and vendor invoices.

You can also save both time and money by switching your filing system from paper records to electronic files. RollMaster’s E-Docs features convenient virtual storage of all accompanying paperwork for your orders. If it can be scanned or saved as a file to your computer, then it can be stored and accessed forever, regardless of file size. In the end, this reduces your use of paper along with your need for physical storage.

Reduce Waste with Accurate Measurements

Using materials more effectively, reducing the amount of unnecessary waste you’re disposing of, and increasing the overall efficiency of your business is a fantastic way to become a green flooring business. With updates like these, you may also be able to offer your products and services at a lower price to win more customers! Implementing these kinds of good environmental practices can also help you stay ahead of legal requirements and stay ahead of your competitors.

RollMaster’s MeasureSquare helps you deliver fast & accurate measurements. Accurate measuring helps to reduce waste. By reducing waste, you are also reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of natural resources, and energy for any given flooring project. Plus, MeasureSquare is integrated with RollMaster Software, which means everything is handled electronically, without the need for paper output or double entry.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases with Cloud Computing

Did you know that using cloud computing is more environmentally friendly than having your own server at your office? With cloud computing, the centralization of your organization’s IT needs will considerably reduce your companies impact on the environment. By using the cloud, there is no need for any onsite hardware or capital expenses! You’ll save space, save on energy consumption, and keep your data more secure.

RollMaster’s cloud computing system gives our partners the ability to access their data at any time, anywhere. This allows for the freedom of working remotely and not needing to carry around paper files. Using the RMMobile App, partners can access key data from any internet-connected mobile device, meaning they can work where it works best for them. This means you can work from your home or at an installation location which cuts down on driving time and gas use!

Green Marketing

More and more consumers truly care about the impact of the products they use on the environment. Consumer sentiment is shifting quickly towards “healthy for me and healthy for the world.” This means going green can bolster and extend your company’s existing market base. You’ll attract the attention of potential customers who believe in being eco-friendly. In the end, you can gain recognition for playing a role in leading the way for social change.

Advertising that your business provides “green” flooring options will help new potential customers to connect with you. Many millennials expect, at the very least, the option of having “green” flooring available. Plus, according to Nielson, 80% of millennials said they are willing to pay more for products that have social responsibility claims. With more millennials (people ages 22-37 years old) becoming your customers, it’s important to provide these product options to them. 

Impact on Employees

Providing eco-friendly flooring options doesn’t only foster positive feelings from customers. It can also have a positive effect on employee health, productivity, and morale! 

Many of the older options in flooring and in flooring installation can have a negative effect on people who interact with them on a regular basis. Installing or removing the flooring that includes asbestos, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and formaldehyde can all have a negative effect on health with repeated exposure. Avoiding products with these compounds can be beneficial to the health of your employees.

Plus, many employees feel safer working for green businesses. They feel like they’re a part of an organization that has a heart that helps to reduce turnover.

Ready to get more out of RollMaster Flooring Software? Get in touch to find out how we can help get you started in becoming a green flooring business!

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