RollMaster Reviews & Success Stories

RollMaster flooring software is committed to helping our partners succeed. We have helped hundreds of flooring professionals optimize their businesses to become more efficient and increase profitability. Watch RollMaster Software reviews and success stories from people just like you who are enjoying the benefits of our powerful flooring software.

Steve Kellogg

Flooring Liquidators

Flooring Liquidators has been running RollMaster for about 12 years. We operate 18 retail stores in California, and also conduct property management business, builder business and we run a fabrication shop. Our partnership with RollMaster is incredible. Without RollMaster I don’t think we could have grown the way we have.

Coralee Wise

All Aspects Renovations

We’ve been working with RollMaster for about 4 years and we love the program! I really appreciate the relationship that RollMaster has with its partners. They really make us feel like they want us to be part of the program, and want us to understand it. And it makes for a long-term relationship.  We’re just very happy to be partnering with RollMaster

Mark Munjone

Abbey Carpet

I personally have been using RollMaster for over 20 years. It’s been an integral part of our business and has helped us to grow to where we are today. We use it to manage and keep track of our entire business.

RC Sullivant

J Mar Flooring

J Mar started in 1986 in the owner’s garage and 30 years later we’re a multi-million dollar corporation. We’ve tried other flooring software but nothing compares to what RollMaster can give us. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one thing.  It’s just great all together!

Blake Woodland

Abbey Capital Floors

We started with RollMaster in 2005 and still use it today. In the next few years, we would like to continue to grow like we have for the last several years and I know that whatever we increase our sales to RollMaster can handle it!

Zach Ditner

Bigelow Flooring

Since implementing RollMaster we’ve been able to increase our volume and our sales. Everyone relies on it and I think everyone sees how much more efficient their jobs are using RollMaster.  RollMaster save us money and we can be a lot more confident in our financial numbers.


Rayo Wholesale

Rayo Wholesale’s been around since 1988. We specialize in selling to the trade. RollMaster has helped us greatly in our inventory and auditing. It’s helped bring in new employees and makes training them easier. So as our company grows, we know that RollMaster is growing with us.

Marcus T

Independent Flooring

We’ve been using RollMaster for approximately 15 years. Its ability to help companies grow and keep things organized is spot on. Independent Flooring will always use RollMaster as the biggest organizational tool that we have.

Tina Dias

Advanced Flooring

I’m going on 20 years with RollMaster. They live and breathe what they’re doing. They’re open to hearing what we, as dealers, have concerns with and then they take the initiative to make those changes. RollMaster gives me that peace of mind to know that I don’t have to be present in the building to know what’s going on in the building.

Dean Culp

Carpet Barn

We’ve had a lot of success over the last several years with RollMaster . We’ve increased sales, we’ve grown our business. A good portion of that has to do with RollMaster making us more flexible in the way we write and account for business. The future looks bright! We will continue to grow and obviously RollMaster will be a part of that.

Paul Zachar

Randy's Flooring

We have been using RollMaster for just about five years. We’ve grown about 40% in the last four years and with that growth, we’ve not had to add any staff. The RollMaster team truly cares about us and our business and they have a client forward service perspective.

John Gallagher

Bellus Flooring

The potential of using RollMaster for a small guy wanting to be a big guy is invaluable. I’ve seen anything from a small mom-and-pop like I am up to guys that are doing multi-family and doing skyscrapers and condos. It’s just amazing. RollMaster will help us grow into a bigger company without having to reinvent the wheel.