How to Grow Flooring Online Sales With Digital Marketing

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2020 in particular has proven to many of us that the ability to be flexible in how (and where!) you’re meeting your clients is key! With many stores required to close their sales floor for weeks or months, the only place you could reach new clients was digitally. 

Creating flooring online sales requires a few things: A good quality website, automated marketing tactics, and a responsive team to help move the sales process forward. 

Your Website Is More Important Than Ever

Growing your flooring online sales requires you to give your customers the information they require quickly and easily. This means having an up to date website with your product information readily available.

Steve Kellogg, from Flooring Liquidators, says “One of the biggest things RollMaster has done in the last few years is to add in web services. It allows us to take our full catalog and display it on our website.”

Having a full catalog available for your clients to browse helps them get the information they need. Many clients like to be knowledgeable about their future purchases before they even contact you. Having informed customers help your sales process, and helps the customer feel proactive about their shopping experience. 

Our partner, Creating Your Space, makes it easy to build a quality website for your flooring business.

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Get In Touch, and Stay In Touch With Your Clients

Once your clients have found the information they need from your website, your team will still need to make the sale. Your website should make it easy for prospective customers to reach out. And when they do, you need to respond back efficiently to move them through your sales process. 

Connecting with customers digitally calls for email and text message marketing! Our Digital Marketing Hub makes it easy to do both! With premade, professional-looking emails, and text messages, you’ll be able to send unique digital marketing campaigns to prospects and clients alike!

Use Your Clients To Help You Make More Flooring Sales Online

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With in-person word-of-mouth marketing a thing of the past, you need to get testimonials from your satisfied clients online! One key to getting online flooring sales is building trust via your website, and getting that trust is easier with glowing reviews from previous clients.

We know just how hard it can be to get clients to follow through on leaving a review, so we made RM5Star. With our reputation management tool, you can set up automated requests for reviews to go out to your clients at predetermined times in your sales cycle. But more than that we make it easy to showcase your best reviews from all different review sites on your website, and help you get in touch with clients before they leave a less-than glowing review. RM5Star is fully linked to your RollMaster system to make for the easiest reputation management ever.

Ready to get more out of RollMaster Flooring Software? Get in touch to find out how we can help bring your flooring business to the next level. 

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