How To Use Digital Marketing For Your Flooring Business

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We all know that marketing can make a huge impact on your business. Being easy to find online is key to bringing in new customers and gaining additional sales from existing customers. Digital marketing is incredibly effective but used to be extremely time consuming and expensive. RollMaster has teamed up with Creating Your Space to create Digital Marketing Hub, a solution that makes email marketing, text message marketing, and online reviews easier and more effective. With RollMaster, targeted digital marketing is accessible to all flooring dealers! 

Custom Email Marketing

Email marketing is a part of our day to day lives. You probably get emails from different companies five times a day! The reason why? Email marketing is effective. But, as people have become more and more accustomed to marketing emails, it’s crucial to separate your business from the noise by making your emails feel individualized to each recipient. 

With the Digital Marketing Hub, our partners are able to send professional emails using expert-created templates with next to no effort. On top of that, the integration with your RollMaster Software makes it easy to filter your email list. For example, try sending a coupon on rugs to people who have purchased hardwood floors in the last year! Or, set up automated emails to remind prospects of your upcoming sales. 

“Using RollMaster and Creating Your Space makes the marketing process more efficient. The automated emails feature has been amazing! It is more efficient for chasing leads and makes it much easier to close the sale,” says Tyler Levi, of Levi’s 4 Floors.

Text Messaging

While everyone may have heard of email marketing, far fewer businesses have tried text message marketing. Sending texts straight to your clients and prospects can be hugely impactful, but it needs to be used properly to avoid potentially irritating the recipient.

We suggest utilizing text message marketing in specific instances like reminders for installations! Our integration with Creating Your Space makes text message marketing simple, with prompts to help you send the perfect message. 

Online Reviews

Proving to potential customers that your business is excellent can be a challenge. While we used to be able to rely on salespeople to build enough credibility to make a sale, many prospects now turn for reassurance online before purchasing. This makes getting positive reviews for your business critical!

Helping to highlight the strengths of your business is key, and the Digital Marketing Hub helps you secure more reviews. Simply send your clients customer satisfaction surveys and reminders to review you online after a successful sale! You can also set up your reviews to show your highest quality reviews first. 

At RollMaster, we’re proud to bring marketing solutions to our clients without huge expense and effort! Helping our clients succeed is a benefit for the entire flooring industry as we continue to modernize. Integrating your marketing efforts with your business software makes it easier to customize interactions with each potential client and boost sales. 

Ready to get more out of RollMaster Flooring Software? Get in touch to find out how we can help bring your flooring business to the next level. 

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