Compelling RollMaster Cloud Elements for Consideration

The RollMaster Vertical Cloud
RollMaster Cloud computing is disruptive innovation which enables a fundamental shift from the capital expense to an operating expense model. It separates application and information resources from the underlying infrastructure, and the mechanisms used to deliver them.

 The RollMaster Cloud delivers specialized functions and options that meet flooring industry-best use practices and specifications. Today, the RollMaster Cloud is the first vertical software offering and used by dealers in the North American, Canadian flooring market. Visit for details or email

 Compelling RollMaster Cloud Elements for Consideration
1).   The RollMaster Cloud offers cost benefits that should be evaluated; consider moving to the Operating Expense based approach vs Capital expenditure based approach in traditional Information Technology investment
2).  The RollMaster Cloud offers significant Time-to-Implementation improvement
3).  The RollMaster Cloud offers fast scale-up or scale-down of resources; the pricing model is utility-based
4).  The RollMaster Cloud offers simple, efficient, agile, on-demand provisioning of all of our data center resources
5).  The RollMaster Cloud insures fast implementation of flooring industry innovations in technology
6).  The RollMaster Cloud operation provides proficiency in resource management
7).  The RollMaster Cloud offers flooring businesses a distinct competitive advantage: by delivering the ability for any sized business to conduct operations better, faster, and at lower cost than the traditional server based competitor.
8).  The RollMaster Cloud is Green, offering environmental benefits for history, details, references or to arrange a demo.

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