Why Consider the RollMaster Flooring Business Software Cloud?

The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud (RM Cloud) puts your business management performance first.  The RMCloud delivers state-of-the-art technology at the lowest possible cost to any Internet enabled device.  The RM vertical market cloud offers deep industry insight, a comprehensive cross industry approach, best-in-class performance, and the power to run and extend your business operations from small startup to any size anticipated or planned.
It’s all about the Functionality.
Your business flow processes are the lifeblood of your business. The ability to adapt and evolve faster and keep up with the industry is the central mission of RollMaster as a competitive differentiator. To gain a real edge, you need to go beyond continuing the same processes. You need to manage your business and deliver services in a new way that improves processes while meeting the demands of your clients.
The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud helps you deliver efficient business processes as a service. You can deploy the very latest industry specific functionality without the continual reinvestment in IT infrastructure and changing software. Implementing the RollMaster Cloud you track the performance of your business in real-time, you can remediate issues faster—before they become show-stoppers. The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud is all about the flooring business. That means better functionality, improved profitability, better customer satisfaction, and a new level of competitive agility across the board.
The Typical Flooring Business is over invested in IT Stuff.
No flooring business is an island. Odds are, you run and manage an IT environment today that is deeply invested in a wide range of computers, communication equipment and software licenses in the mix. You want to gain the advantages of the RollMaster private cloud, but not if it means walking away from your existing IT investments or adding new layers of complexity.

The RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud lets you keep what you’ve got and make the move now to a new kind of agility. That’s because it’s architected from the raw metal up to enable flooring business process automation and configuration across platforms and environments. You can turn over the operation and monitoring of the major operating systems processes, backups, disaster recovery and communication components to us. Because the RollMaster Flooring Business Cloud provides comprehensive management of the production IT environment, you can put your business’s needs ahead of the needs of any particular technology or vendor.
Foundation for the Future.
The RollMaster Flooring Private Cloud offers the promise of agility, economics, and focus that can unlock new innovation and transform the business into success. The game is no longer just about “having industry software”; it’s about maximizing productivity by improving business processes. The RollMaster cloud delivers fundamentally new capabilities that represent a generational paradigm shift in computing. The bet you make today will have long-term implications for the future of your business.
Only RollMaster delivers a complete flooring specific cloud application that delivers a true cloud computing platform. For more than 12 years, we have offered the RollMaster cloud computing platform driven by the evolution of broadband Internet bandwidth. We’ve taken all that we’ve learned from this flooring industry support experience and put it into the DNA of our RollMaster cloud solutions. Go beyond owning and managing IT infrastructure and the unnecessary component licensing—and proceed with confidence in subscribing to our secure private cloud that delivers best-in-class performance for flooring industry workloads (including multi-company, multi-location enterprises) continual industry specific development and process integration, and compelling economics.
The RollMaster Cloud on Your Terms.
The move to the RollMaster flooring industry cloud delivers the undeniable benefits of continuous industry specific software functionality, on-demand scalability, flexibility, support, documentation, training and economics, plus significant competitive advantages. The challenge is to leverage your existing investments and infrastructure to build the right mix of IT cost and management solutions for your business—one that will work for you today and in the future.
With RollMaster, you have the freedom to choose. Our solutions are built to give you the power to manage your operations across multiple locations, using mixed hardware and broad band internet service providers—on terms that you control. Because RollMaster solutions share a common set of management, identity and development technologies, you can distribute IT across physical, virtual, and hardware infrastructure configurations. That means you can keep a handle on compliance, security, and costs. And you can let your business needs drive your IT strategy, instead of having IT limit your options.

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