Advantages of the RollMaster Flooring Software Cloud:

The RM-Cloud simplifies IT for the busy flooring enterprise; it routinely maintains current and relevant business process technology while eliminating the complex tasks of owning, replacing, updating, managing local and remote server hardware, licenses, updates, LAN and WAN issues. The RM-Cloud delivers a convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal client management effort.

1) Shared resources = lower costs
2) Capital Expense Free Computing
3) Deploy Flooring Industry Specific Software modifications and updates faster
4) Flooring businesses can scale as needed (i.e. users, locations, divisions etc)
5) Lower overall license and hardware maintenance costs
6) The RM-Cloud becomes your IT partner offering resiliency and redundancy
7) The RM-Cloud minimizes the impact of Moore’s law on overall IT investments
8) The RM-Cloud delivers the fastest possible support and updates and real-time training/support
9) The vertical market RM-Cloud delivers software that is enhanced by hundreds of similar business use
10) The RM-Cloud off site data management insures maximum uptime, and fast recovery from a localized disaster

The RM-Cloud Architecture:
Two (East & West Coast) broadband internet 100MB CLEC quality pipes with auto failover/switching DNS
Two roof top mounted, 100KW generators (one powered by natural gas the other fed from a 500G propane tank with auto failover/switching. The roof tops are atop the third floor; no potential for localized tree damage or flooding.
400V 3phase power, Schneider standby auxiliary power system coupled with temperature and humidity air control system.
Manned by 24/7/365 by CCNA certified technicians as well as flooring industry experts

Our primary data center has 8 identical servers; 1 for Web Portal/CRM 4 for production 3 for backup.
a). 7 have Identical OS configurations
b). Identical ECC RAM
c). Auto-failure power supplies
d). Dual mirroring hard drives that are swappable with any other server in the rack.

Servers and IP/s protected by the Cisco security appliances and/or PIX (Private Internet eXchange) firewall and network address translation (NAT) devices
All drives mirrored continuously on site
All drives are mirrored to two remote collocation sites 300 miles apart every 12 hours.

We can certainly install and support a local server, but it is difficult to justify the cost, the impact of Moore’s law and the rapid obsolence that will impact the capital expense.

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