The RollMaster Cloud Solution Shifts the TCO Discussion

The current housing market creates difficult economic conditions for Flooring Dealers and Distributors and makes a compelling argument in support of the RollMaster Cloud.
Just like other industries, flooring enterprises need business solutions that help them to manage day-to-day operations and processes more efficiently. At the same time, they want insight and intelligence to successfully adapt to fluid business environment, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
However, the majority of flooring enterprises have limited IT budgets and limited to no IT staff employed. The largest flooring businesses generally have one full-time person—typically an IT generalist—to support a complex array of IT resources and users. Over time, IT staffing grows to support the complexities of managing several locations, multiple servers, an expanding array of desktops and devices, and a more mobile workforce.
Business and IT complexity often outstrip the growth of IT resources, especially in the margin competitive flooring companies, who face ever increasing maintenance and support issues. This can max out the IT staff, leaving little time to deploy new solutions or even to update existing ones. The difficult economic climate only heightens business requirements for easier to use, faster to deploy and more functional solutions to help the business effectively navigate through uncertainty and improve the bottom line. Non-industry software will not deliver the information needed.
The RollMaster Cloud Solution Shifts the TCO Discussion
Cloud computing has steadily gained market acceptance as an alternative to traditional on-premise solution deployment and maintenance. The RollMaster Cloud offers several benefits to customers. The RollMaster Cloud model can help companies conserve cash and focus limited resources on the core business, rather than reacting to IT infrastructure support, licensing and maintenance issues. In the RollMaster cloud model, hosted and Web-based access to applications are provided as a service, through a subscription pricing model. This eliminates the need for customers to buy, deploy and manage IT infrastructure and solutions. We take responsibility for everything: the servers, storage, operating system, database, business software, updates, migration, power and cooling, data center space, and support services. As a result, cloud computing shifts the IT burden from the customer to the RollMaster cloud applications.
Key Benefits of the RollMaster Cloud Solution; the Compelling TCO Case for RollMaster Cloud Computing in the Flooring Market
• Cloud computing shifts the IT burden from the customer to the RollMaster Cloud applications
• Eliminate capital costs – these costs are covered by the RollMaster Cloud subscription. The shared multi-tenant infrastructure, keeps cost low
• Flooring Businesses access flooring industry solutions through a web-interface over the internet
• Pay for usage on a per month/user basis
• Faster deployment and productivity
• Business can be up and running in weeks vs. months; there is no need to acquire, install and test infrastructure
• Applications can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and through any device
• Everyone in company has access to real-time information
• Web-based, self-service access to business solutions
• Vendor manages and updates infrastructure
• No software to maintain and upgrade; upgrades to new versions of applications and functionality are automated.
• IT focuses on higher value, more strategic initiatives Increase flexibility
• ROLLMASTER CLOUD can expand or contract services as their needs change
• Support an increasingly mobile workforce
• Easier to investigate solutions; Improves customer service
• Direct customer connection to resolve problems
• Incentive to achieve high customer retention and upsell additional solutions Better reliability and performance
• Enterprise class IT infrastructure that is affordable
• RollMaster provides high-availability for business continuity and disaster recovery
• RollMaster provides required data backup services
• Proactive support and management
By packaging all of the application software, IT infrastructure and services together in a Hosted and Web-based, multi-tenant subscription model, the RollMaster Cloud has the ability to contain variable costs much more effectively than packaged on-site software. These savings are passed along to customers.
Flooring Enterprises need solutions that enable them to meet their business goals, and also help them to conserve capital and reduce ongoing costs. Although one size does not fit all, for many customers, The RollMaster Cloud can help organizations achieve these requirements, and provide added flexibility to scale as business demands require.

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