Mobile devices have eaten into PC sales, and cloud computing gives companies what can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software.

In the last three years virtually 100% of companies buying software from us have chosen the cloud alternative.

The RollMaster Cloud is an IT platform that can support all of a flooring company’s business processes.

We at Rollmaster offer traditional (i.e., locally installed) hardware and software, but nowadays everyone is moving to the cloud.  Fifteen years ago Rollmaster was in the vanguard of developers investing in technology and application development to deliver a robust, scaled cloud environment.

Back then nobody called it “the cloud”.  The common term was ASP (application service provider) –a cumbersome technical term to say the least.

The RollMaster Cloud environment can provide quick value to a flooring company.  To understand what our offerings are today it’s helpful to briefly explore our evolution to the cloud.

When interest in the cloud was in the nascent stage, organizations considering the cloud environment were looking for technology to overcome negative factors associated with their local servers: hardware replacement, hardware failure and software upgrades.

The cloud environment minimized these negative factors and also facilitated disaster recovery and permitted access to business data from anywhere.  RollMaster’s initial focus was to provide unmatched cloud reliability at the lowest possible cost — a focus that continues today.

RollMaster has expanded beyond what had been a mere backup service to a cloud model  providing flexibility and services with minimum investment in hardware.  RollMaster is focused on delivering relevant flooring software through a single point of entry and a single network where the customer has access to industry-specific management tools with scalable hardware capabilities.  This means that our clients are not faced with various decision points for cloud entry, because flooring-specific applications and expandable infrastructure features are part of the RollMaster cloud network.

The RollMaster cloud is private to us, meaning it is a cloud computing platform that is implemented within our own corporate firewall, under the control of our IT staff.  This puts us in a unique position in the flooring industry — the only flooring industry software vendor managing its own cloud system.

For large organizations with a mix of business types and locations, entry to the cloud through a single vendor and partner is an attractive proposition. The ability to expand the scope of the flooring client in the cloud is a key benefit that RollMaster can provide, and with global expansion this is ongoing. With state of the art data centers and continuous flooring software development, RollMaster can help flooring businesses adopt relevant technologies in a low cost cloud environment that will drive growth and profitability.

This provides agility to meet market demand in specific areas. Of course, with more than 30 years of deploying and managing flooring business infrastructures, RollMaster also has the experience to handle security, compliance, and disaster recovery efforts that make us a trusted partner.