Our Free CARE Tracking Program Helps Users Avoid Huge Fines

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We know just how stressful it can be when changes in legislation require you to make changes in your business as quickly as possible. Making sure that our partners stay compliant with CARE regulations has always been a given. Since 2011 we’ve provided free tracking programming for our partners impacted by the CARE act.

What is CARE? 

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and the California Carpet Stewardship Program are probably well known to businesses who sell or install carpet in California. The CARE Act, is covered by California Law AB 2398, outlining fees, fines, and requirements for carpet recycling in the state. This impacts flooring businesses by requiring them to track and report carpet sales and installation as well as recycling requirements. 

Avoid Hefty Fines

The CARE Act dictates carpet recycling and, most importantly, fees on carpet sales in California. Since the California Carpet Stewardship Program started in 2011, we’ve been there to help our partners avoid costly fees

If a business is non-compliant, they can face some serious fines! Currently, the fine for any business in violation of the law is $1,000 per day, but could soon be increased to $5,000 per day with a new bill that is moving forward. If the violation is found to be intentional or negligent, then you could be facing a $10,000 per day fine. Those kinds of fines can be seriously detrimental to businesses of any size. 

CARE Programming for RollMaster Users

When the CARE Act first came to be, in 2011, we immediately got to work making sure our partners wouldn’t have to face these heavy fines. We know that tracking every bit and piece of carpet can be frustrating and we wanted to make sure that our users wouldn’t need to learn and use another program to do so. 

We developed and implemented programming within the RollMaster system to help our affected partners stay compliant with the rules impacting the industry. Since 2011 there have been five major updates to the CARE Act and with each and everyone we’ve made updates to the programming to ensure compliance. 

The program assists dealers who are buying and selling carpet in California to track each job sold in the state. With all that information easily available our partners find it much easier to stay compliant with CARE. We’re happy to report that our clients using CARE Tracking have incurred zero AB2398 CARE fees to date! 

RollMaster: For Flooring Professionals, By Flooring Professionals

We know the ins and outs of the flooring business because we’ve been there ourselves. Because of this we know how important it is to stay on top of industry changes like the CARE Act!

Growing your flooring business requires more than just staying compliant with rules and regulations. Optimizing your business for success is what we do day in and day out. We make changes, updates, and add-ons to help our partners grow their businesses quicker and easier than before. 

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