Here’s How Commercial Flooring Bidding Software Will Win More Jobs

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Flooring companies who want to impress a client before winning a job requires more than just an awesome salesperson. Having the right tools in place makes any flooring company look more professional, and benefits the rest of the job process! Commercial flooring bidding software helps you win more bids and makes the job easier and more accurate. 

What is Commercial Flooring Bidding Software?

Modern flooring estimation encompasses so much more than just the measurements of a room, house, or building. A modern flooring estimator software has all the tools you need to get accurate measurements for your space. But, on top of that it includes the ability to make clean cut sheets and seam diagrams, 3D views, and the ability to draw plans perfectly to scale. All of which save you time and money down the line

All of these features are included in RM MeasureSquare. But, on top of the impressive capabilities of MeasureSquare, including it with your RollMaster system allows you to save all of this information to your core business software. Thus, allowing for easy flow of information and fewer mistakes down the line. 

How Will Accurate Estimates Win Me More Business?

Commercial flooring estimating software gives you the capability to make accurate measurements quickly. When you’ve completed the measuring component, you’re able to provide your prospective customers with a detailed, professional-looking estimate as quickly as possible. When jobs are particularly competitive having a professional estimate done before your competition makes it much more likely for you to win the job. 

“I had a rush where I needed to get a couple of jobs done fast.  Both jobs were over $300,000 and it was just a snap with the RollMaster commercial estimating program,” says Blake Woodland of Abbey Capital Floors. Speed and accuracy are a one-two-punch for building more business. 

Marketing Benefits You May Not Have Expected

When it comes to finding new customers, there is nothing more beneficial than positive word of mouth. Starting with a professional, precise estimate has a trickle down effect for the rest of your job giving the customer an overall better experience! For example:

  • An accurate estimate helps win the job from prospective customers.
  • The accurate estimate and notes in the RollMaster Software helps to ensure the cutting and installation of flooring goes smoothly.
  • An easy installation gives the customer great satisfaction. This makes them more likely to leave you a review online, or tell a friend about their experience.

RollMaster along with MeasureSquare is a combination that can make a huge difference for flooring companies. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your flooring business to new heights!

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