How can I save on data entry services?

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Forget double entry with RollMaster Flooring Software.

How much time do your employees lose every month by adding the same information into different programs? When you’re in the zone and doing your paperwork, you may not notice a few minutes here and there, but over the course of a month or a year, those minutes really add up! Not to mention, any slight discrepancies between entries that require adjustment after the fact adds even more time lost because of data entry. 

Data entry services are a critical part of every business, and they can’t totally be avoided. But, if your core software was linked to all of your programs and data points, all of that time spent on double entry and adjustments can be a thing of the past. 

It All Starts In The Cloud

Businesses haven’t run exclusively on paper in years. However, many flooring stores still have aspects of their business that are run entirely off-line. Upgrading your core business software, and including major components like your payment processing and inventory management in one software system allows for the smooth flow of information that you simply can’t have offline. 

RollMaster gives your whole team access to vital information, anywhere, any time with our cloud-based software. Using our powerful API, you’ll be able to link RollMaster software to other programs your business uses. This allows you to transfer information quickly, easily, and without error. 

Next, Update your Checkout Process

We partner with Gravity Payments to make processing your client’s credit card payments quick and easy and virtually eliminates discrepancies from data entry services. Gravity Payments along with RollMaster Flooring Software makes it possible to post real-time payment data while reducing the possibility of missing charges. This means that your accounting staff will have more time to focus on important tasks, rather than correcting payment discrepancies.

Involve The Whole Team in Your Data Entry Services

One big way that flooring stores can waste time and money is through miscommunication. The wrong work order, an incorrect address, or other simple actions can cause huge delays or costly mistakes. Involving your whole team in the documentation process can help by ensuring that everyone is on the same page. With RollMaster’s E-Docs your entire team can store and access photos, expense reports, accounts payable, and more. As an added benefit, any discrepancies that may occur during the course of a job, documents, notes, and photos found in E-Docs can save time on going back and forth by keeping all information in one place. 

Involve Your Buyers and Vendors

It’s not just your team who can benefit from the time savings on data entry services, your buyers and vendors can too! When your suppliers use electronic document exchange (known as B2B) you need to access that information! With RollMaster B2B, you can improve how you receive documents. Most importantly approve your data each step of the way. With B2B you can save time on data entry. Marcus Torgerson says “We can import products under different catalog categories, and bring them into one place. It makes for fewer keystrokes and a big time saver.”

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients more profitable. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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