RollMaster’s Most Powerful Integrations

Flooring professional and client reviewing flooring order

One of the reasons RollMaster has become the complete solution for managing flooring businesses is because of our unique software integrations. These integrations use our API to seamlessly link our partners with the tools they need to run their businesses as effectively as possible. Our integrations benefit every level of your business from making warehouse tasks easier to making big business decisions in a snap. 

Optimize Warehousing With Android

Effective inventory management is a pain point for many flooring businesses. Our Barcode add-on integrates with Android mobile devices and can reduce physical inventory management by up to half the time!

As a smartphone, this device is much easier to use and train than the old-style Triton guns. “The Android device is incredibly easy to set up, train, and use. It’s also much less expensive than the traditional Triton gun/tricoder. That all makes the customer’s life easier,” says RollMaster trainer Dan Seago. 

Master Measurements with MeasureSquare

Integrating with MeasureSquare has been extremely powerful for RollMaster Flooring Software users. RM MeasureSquare offers fast and accurate estimates that help you generate more business. Estimates through MeasureSquare look professional, and are precise and detailed, showing your business in a positive light to your potential clients. 

“I had a rush where I needed to get a couple of jobs done fast. Both jobs were over $300,000 and it was just a snap with the RollMaster commercial estimating program” says Blake Woodland from Abbey Capital Floors. 

MeasureSquare integrates with RollMaster through our cloud-based program so you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection!

Quicker, Easier Checkout with ChargeItPro by Gravity

Accuracy in your checkout process is critical for keeping your business running smoothly! Our integration with ChargeItPro by Gravity removes the need for double entry, which makes data entry errors a thing of the past. 

With ChargeItPro by Gravity, you’ll be able to post real-time payment data in your RollMaster Software while also eliminating the possibility of missing charges. Plus, without needing to focus on correcting payment discrepancies that are standard with double entry, your accounting staff will have more time to focus on important tasks for your business.

Drive Your Business With Data Visualization

Our partnership with Tableau allows you to get data visualization so advanced it used to only be available to huge corporations! RM Analytics with Tableau means that flooring businesses of all sizes can see real-time data in beautifully presented graphs that make sense; and help you make quick, informed decisions to grow your business even faster.

Steve Kellogg from Flooring Liquidators says “Tableau has changed the way we’re able to see our business overall. We can drill down into a specific job finder, look for products that are selling, gauge our salespeople. It’s a really important addition.”

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