Upgrade to the New Android Handheld Wireless Barcode Device

How To Use Barcodes For Inventory | Android barcode scanner

Flooring inventory management just got quicker and easier with our new, industry-first integration with Android’s handheld wireless barcode device.

An Industry-First Integration: Smartphone Inventory Management

This is full integration with the new Android handheld wireless barcode device. That means access to everything RollMaster has to offer from anywhere inside the warehouse or out on installs. No other flooring business software offers the same flexibility with their flooring inventory management barcode devices. This update makes warehouse barcoding simpler, more affordable, and more efficient for flooring dealers across the US and Canada.

Our Ongoing Dedication To Optimization

For years, RollMaster Software’s barcode equipment and software has equaled that of the big box stores. It allows even small flooring retailers to utilize barcode management for POS, stock check, price check, receiving, physical inventory, and assigning installers to work orders.

Now, the technology has advanced to the point where a handheld device can deliver all this functionality with improved user experience and mobility. We’re launching with the device we know is best suited to the job, an Android device with a built-in barcode scanner. But, this technology is flexible and works with all other smartphones (including the iPhone) with the addition of an integrated barcode scanner attachment. Barcode attachments work well with your existing phone and cost around the same amount as the Android device.

Quick Onboarding and Training for Flooring Inventory Management

While the Triton gun has been the industry standard for many years, it’s flexibility can’t compare to a smartphone. Also, as most people are comfortable using smartphones, the learning period is much faster and easier.

“The Android device is incredibly easy to setup, train, and use. It’s also much less expensive than the traditional Triton gun/tricoder. That all makes the customer’s life easier,” said RollMaster trainer Dan Seago. 

The smartphone interface is something people use day in and day out, so it is much more user-friendly. The modern screen, touchscreen capability, a QWERTY keyboard, and the familiar Android look and feel all add to the ease of use.

The flooring inventory management device can be used for barcoding with and without Wi-Fi, and doubles as a regular smartphone with the addition of a SIM card and mobile service. “Our customers love the ability to slip the device into their pocket while on the go. It frees warehouse personnel from being tied to their desks,” added Seago. 

Utilizing barcode inventory software has proven to deliver a huge boost in organization and time savings for our clients. Now, it’s even better with improved device technology. Ready to upgrade your warehouse? Find out more!

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