The RMCloud enables mobile; mobile Increases revenue on the customer side of the equation.

So, now the question is, will your flooring business be one that simply uses mobile devices for basic things like email, social media and expense management, or will it become the way you do business?

Cloud computing opens the path for the mobile enterprise.  It is not hard to understand the flooring industry synergies of cloud and mobile; cloud computing provides the scalable, on-demand infrastructure that makes true mobility possible across the entire mobile IT stack, as well as services that accelerate remote functionality, i.e. estimating,  scheduling, services, in-home selling, installation and transaction processing.

Leading flooring industry enterprises are utilizing cloud technologies as a catalyst for their transformation into a mobile enterprise.  With 99% of our clients are using some form of mobile computing in their everyday business.   The fact is flooring employees want to use the same devices and communication and collaboration tools they rely on in their personal lives for their business lives, too. Using smartphones, tablets and mobile pc’s to access business-to-employee information, announcements, employee benefits and 401k management—also have benefits for the business. Productivity and job satisfaction rise when your employees can work seamlessly across multiple devices.

There is no doubt that mobility is considered a fact of life.  It is clear that businesses that fall behind in the use of mobile computing to transform how value is created and captured will be challenged to remain competitive in today’s instant and always-connected marketplace.

Using the RMCloud to access integrated data that aligns business initiatives with business models, goals and objectives enhances productivity. Instant access to business-critical data from a variety of devices, enhances customer service and facilitates marketing initiatives.  Simply put, mobile access creates new value by transforming how you engage your customer by providing vide value-added  product and service information  that enhances the customer relationship and gives customers even more reason to purchase from you.

The RMCloud reduces IT and hardware costs while improving operational efficiencies.   This RMCloud enabled mobility extends the he key functionality of the flooring enterprise.  The comprehensive integration of personal information, data, business critical applications, business analytics and security results in a more robust system that is less expensive to operate from licensing, staffing, support and hardware standpoints.   This enables new services and business operational models, will allow organizations to roll out new services faster.   The RMCloud eliminates the distance between employees, customers and the company.   The customer experience to interact with your organization and its products and services can result in increased sales and create a competitive advantage through an enhanced  customer experience.  RMCloud’s mobility features create an important collection of information on customer reactions and perceptions.  This information can improve your marketing efforts and customer service which will contribute to better decision-making.

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