Credit Card Processing Software Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

In this increasingly digital world, checks are becoming a thing of the past. Not only does your business need to be able to process credit card payments, but you also need to do it securely! RollMaster has partnered with Gravity Payments to make sure our software users are able to process credit card payments quickly and efficiently right from the RollMaster System. This makes processing payments much easier, and has a host of benefits for our customers. 

No More Double Entry

When your credit card processing software is linked to your flooring business software, you get the biggest bonus: accurate flow of data. There’s no need to do double entry when you link Gravity Payments to your RollMaster software. This means never needing to correct another payment discrepancy! Those penny (or larger!) adjustments that are inherent in double-entry systems can’t happen when the data flows from processing the card straight to accounting. This frees up your accounting staff to focus on more important tasks

No More Missing Charges

When it takes time to process the sale and then log those sales in your system, there is a possibility that your accounting data isn’t up to date. When information can flow from your sales floor to accounting in real time, there is no longer the possibility of missing charges. With our credit card processing software integration, all payments are processed in real time and are live in your RollMaster system. Zach Ditner, vice president of operations for Bigelow Flooring in Ontario, Canada, says “The largest benefit to doing your accounting with Rollmaster is the integration from start to finish with quoting, inventory and accounts payable so you have good control on vendor invoices.”

Safe To Save Data

Gravity Payments allows RollMaster users to take advantage of Credit card vaulting. This process safely stores customers card information. Credit card vaulting allows for processing customer balances, and checking out regular customers to work more quickly.

Your Clients Have Chips

Pretty much all of us have EMV chip cards to prevent identity theft and fraud. These chip cards are a great invention but, like most inventions they require other tools to catch up too! Being able to take chip cards isn’t just a nice benefit for your customers, it’s effectively become a requirement for doing business. Gravity Payments’ credit card processing software makes it easy to accept chip cards without any hassle.

Plus, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve. As credit card security continues to evolve, upgrading to Gravity Payments will help keep your business up to date with EMV and NFC payment processing requirements, and you’ll be PCI Compliant.

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients more organized. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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