How Laser Quoting Software Creates Valuable Efficiencies in Your Flooring Business

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We all know that sometimes we need to work smarter, not harder to boost business. Creating efficiencies from the beginning to the end of a job means that the whole project runs more smoothly. Lowering the time spent on projects, avoiding installation mishaps, and ultimately presenting a polished product to your clients with less effort is something that we can all get behind. All of this is possible with helpful tools like laser quoting software that can integrate with your core business software. 

Why The Estimate Matters So Much

When a prospect is choosing a flooring business to partner with, the estimate can be a make-or-break moment. When your team is able to turn around accurate estimates faster and more professionally than the competition, the more business you are likely to capture. This can be difficult, however, because many estimating programs require lots of time and effort to produce high-quality results. 

Why Fast And Accurate Measurements Matter

Getting that fast and accurate estimate is critical, and to do it you need a program that does the hard work for you. RM MeasureSquare helps our clients create fast and accurate flooring takeoff estimate turnaround to meet tight deadlines. This allows them to bid more jobs competitively while protecting their profit margins with accurate measurements assisted with the latest in laser measuring equipment. All of this is rolled into a professional-looking estimate that can impress your prospects and win you more jobs. 

How Can Laser Quoting Software Win Me More Jobs?

MeasureSquare allows for Laser Meter Integration making measurements a snap. With laser-accurate measurements, you’ll be able to make an accurate estimate and share your professional looking quote with your prospect quicker than ever before. Plus, with RM MeasureSquare you can impress clients with 3D views, and draw your own plans to scale with less effort. 

Why Does It Matter After I’ve Won The Job?

With pinpoint-precise measurements, you’ll be able to pass along the best possible information through to the rest of your team. With RM MeasureSquare, you can avoid installation accidents by providing a clean cut sheet and seam diagram that makes for simpler installs. When you have your laser quoting software integrated with your core system, it allows for easy flow of data. For example, you can store projects in the cloud and easily access them from any computer to collaborate with your team. 

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients more profitable. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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