This is A New Era in the Flooring Industry

Introducing the Flooring Industry’s Private Cloud

Marketing, sales and service functions are blurring in all aspects of our industry.  Wholesale, retail, big box stores and vertical manufacturers are now competing with each other in the value chain.  Models for products and services, with old and traditional transactional processes are being disrupted.   Competition, including competition from new suppliers is a factor that must be dealt with effectively.  Most flooring enterprises are not prepared to modify their business processes, or they are not willing to adapt to a rapidly changing market.  Many of these companies, without a change in thinking, may become a footnote in flooring industry history.

The consumer is the driver of the external pressure to change. Customers now expect and demand goods and services to be personalized, and they are not willing to wait. Improved standards of living add to this challenge; a global economy means more consumers, and more consumers mean more demand for change to satisfy an even more diverse customer base.

Flooring enterprises, regardless of size, can best meet these challenges and satisfy these demands in the RollMaster private cloud.  Flooring dealers benefit from a single point of contact, i.e. hardware/software/infrastructure/support/training/documentation, etc.
The RollMaster cloud is owned and managed by the flooring software development team. This is the definition of a single point of service flooring businesses.  This serves a dual purpose; by adopting cloud standards, a flooring business can achieve that first layer of flexibility, and satisfy the requirement for speed to deployment to meet new challenges. Adopting the RollMaster private cloud standards provides a nimble environment so that flooring businesses can quickly adapt to future challenges. Moving to the RollMaster cloud eliminates the expensive and dead end customizations that are part and parcel of every on premise network.  This improves efficiencies so that the flooring business can better serve its growing customer base and their demands for information and services.

The cloud solution is not as simple as making a server available for internet remote access; the cloud is an environment, with standards, practices and redundancy designed to maximize delivery and availability.  Outsourcing your software hosting to a third party or enabling a local server for remote or browser access simply complicates the environment and introduces additional expense.  Being part of the RollMaster cloud insures that your company will operate on the latest version of the software, in a stable, state of the art hardware environment.  Software installed on local servers and hosted by various third party service providers complicates support and compromises software update delivery and support.;

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