Flooring Businesses! Let’s put all of the cards on the table!

Flooring business software is more than writing checks and keeping lists of expenses!
Implementing and benefiting from flooring business management software requires an industry expert willing to partner in the effort.  Developing software “in house” is folly.  Your best choice is a flooring industry software developer.

Here are a few flooring software functionality features and keys that should be considered “must have” abilities: 

  • to partner with suppliers via fcb2b.org
  • to manage job cost from the estimate through the financial statements
  • to maintain functional relevance in a constantly evolving industry
  • to deliver net based information, from anywhere, at anytime, from any device, always current
  • to have software updates delivered and installed automatically
  • to have access to support that responds quickly to industry shifts like the blurring of the lines between retail and wholesale, big box competition, property management trends, in-home selling and more
  • to minimize the investment in hardware, networks, remote communications, branch connectivity and maintenance
  • to have access to professional consulting, training, continuing education, as well as issue specific industry help and documentation.
  • to maintain your professional legacy
  • to assist in estate planning and business succession.

A large percentage of flooring businesses are handicapped through software selection “false starts”. When generic packages are selected, flooring business waste time, effort and capital.  It is illogical to expect any level of expertise from an industry outsider.  Writing you own…………seriously?  Visit RollMaster for more information or The flooring industry’s B2B site for more flooring industry software vendors.  #rmastersoft #flooringbusinesssoftware #flooringbusinessmanagement

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