Running A Successful Flooring Business Made Easier

running a successful flooring business in 2021 and beyond

Competition for new customers has never been higher. Now people are turning to saving their money for vacations, nights out, and new adventures, fewer are looking to spend money renovating their home. With this competition in mind, how are you going to grow into a successful flooring business? Using our decades of experience, we’ve got you covered with tools and tricks to make sure your business is a success. 

Four Keys To Running A Successful Flooring Business:

#1 Gaining new customers

Without finding new customers, no one would have a successful flooring business. But now that we’re returning to a more normal life in 2021, people have other draws for their money than renovating their homes. To get customers now, in an even more competitive market, you really need to impress. 

How do you do that? By drawing people in with great reviews, and sealing the deal with an impressive quote. 

Did you know that it takes, on average, 40 reviews to believe a business’s star rating? Getting a ton of glowing reviews wasn’t easy until now! With RM5Star you can set up automatic reminders for reviews so your clients can easily sing your praises online. Prove your quality to new customers with real reviews from your happy clients. 

Once you’ve drawn people in with your five star rating, it’s time to impress! RollMaster works seamlessly with MeasureSquare to help you provide quick, accurate, and professional looking estimates. This program is a snap to use, helping you turnaround estimates faster than the competition.

#2 Keeping your operation organized

Having a warehouse that doesn’t work well for your business can lead to costly mistakes. A successful flooring business needs to run smoothly, and ironing out the kinks in your warehouse is a great way to help. 

The RollMaster barcode inventory management system enhances your warehouse organization and provides real-time data for your sales team. This gives you improved accuracy, control, and tracking which helps you use the inventory you have. Plus, with easy to use tools, you’ll be able to train your warehouse employees in less time than ever before. 

#3 Providing a smooth sales process

Keeping your customers happy throughout the entire process is a must. Having great customer service makes sure that your customers will be glad to leave you a great review down the line. One of the ways we help businesses provide great customer service is by making communication easier. 

With RM Text Alert, you can connect with customers in their most convenient medium: texting. We’ve found that successful flooring businesses that utilize text messages are able to solve problems before a client gets upset! This makes the customer happier with their interaction with your business, and helps to prevent costly mistakes. 

#4 Optimizing your office

To put all of the pieces of a successful flooring business together, you need a back office that can run efficiently. Our core software was built on the principle of allowing for the easy flow of data. This means that from the sales team, to accounting, to upper management, not only is the data consistent (avoiding double entry, and expensive adjustments) but the data provides the tools people need to do their job easily. 

Our cloud-based software makes it easy to be connected no matter where you are, and with our powerful integrations, you can optimize your business at every point. 

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients become successful flooring businesses. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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