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Managing documents for your flooring company used to mean rows of filing cabinets filled to the brim with job information, invoices, flooring catalogs, and other notes needed to run the business smoothly. All of that documentation takes up space, can be hard to find, and can be disastrous if misplaced or destroyed. The way of the future focuses on organizing your business from your computer or phone with a digital document manager. 

What Is A Digital Document Manager?

Digital document management is effectively a filing system in the cloud. Because it’s digital it means that it can be accessed by any of your employees, anywhere they have an internet connection. RollMaster users can get this storage solution when they use our E-Docs program!

Even more valuable than that: digital documents can be attached anywhere they’re needed. You can have one single document uploaded that can be easily accessed by the customer ID, accounts payable, or it’s corresponding work order. 

What Kind Of Documents Can Be Stored?

In RollMaster E-Docs, flooring businesses can store and access photos, diagrams, supplier specifications, credit applications, expense reports, accounts payable, bills, and much more. Basically, if it’s an important document you can save it and store it. It can be useful to think of the types of documents that your company sees every day. For example, here are several important areas of organization found in E-Docs:

  • Customer ID – Useful in saving credit applications, lien waivers, and installer paperwork.
  • Accounts payable – For saving bills and expense reports.
  • Templates – To save diagrams, and maps to jobs.
  • Work Orders – Helpful in saving signed contracts, photos from the job, or anything else you would put into a job folder.

A Digital Document Manager Can Save You Time

RollMaster’s E-Docs System allows mobile access, anywhere you have internet access. No more shuffling loose paperwork or running back to the office! This can save your team tons of time by giving them the information they need in the field without having to go back to the office. Also, this allows your team in the field to add files in real time, instead of having to remember to add it after they get back from a sales pitch or installation. 

Not All Of My Employees Need Access

Not every document needs to be accessed by every employee. With RollMaster E-Docs, you gain permission-based user controls. These controls allow you to give access only to the employees who need it. This makes it possible to control access and prevent unauthorized people from deleting or viewing confidential items.

RollMaster Flooring Software is dedicated to helping make our clients more organized. Want to learn more about how our software works for your business? Sign up today for a free demo!

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