E-Docs Virtual Storage w/ Mobile App

Rollmaster Flooring E Docs screenshot on a laptop.

Get any time access with E-Docs! This powerful, multi-faceted add-on allows you to attach files to many useful places in the RollMaster program. Store and access photos, diagrams, supplier specifications, credit applications, expense reports, accounts payable, bills, and more, right where you need them.

No More Paper Filing!

RollMaster features convenient virtual storage of all accompanying paperwork for your orders with the E-Docs System. No more shuffling loose paperwork or running back to the office! If it can be scanned or saved as a file on your desktop, it can be stored and accessed in RollMaster forever, regardless of file size.

Our E-Docs integration also has permission-based user controls that give access only to the employees who need it. This can control access and prevent unauthorized people from deleting or viewing confidential items.

These documents can be attached to:

  • Customer ID – Useful in saving credit applications, lien waivers, and installer paperwork.
  • Accounts payable – For saving bills and expense reports.
  • Templates – To save diagrams, and maps to jobs.
  • Work Orders – Helpful in saving signed contracts, photos from the job, or anything else you would put into a job folder.

Core Software

Whether you’re a single location or a multi-branch operation, RollMaster’s cloud-based, scalable system is the only flooring software you’ll ever need. Access your data anytime, anywhere!

Efficiency Tools

Say goodbye to wasteful double data entry! Our advanced API creates seamless connections between RollMaster and any other applications you need to help your business operate smoothly.

Consulting & Support

RollMaster’s team of experienced flooring industry experts offers Onsite Training and Implementation, Regional Workshops, and Support from folks that truly care about your success.