The Road to RollMaster: Brandon Pindell

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Before joining the RollMaster team, I worked in the flooring industry for nearly a decade. My flooring journey began at Empire Carpet. I started out in their now non-existent home improvement division, then became a Training Manager for their warehouse using their proprietary software.

Discovering Which Software Works

After leaving Empire Carpet, I worked my way up to become the General Manager at a small flooring store in Baltimore. The store used Quickbooks to manage all their record-keeping, and the non-industry specific software never quite did what we needed it to do. 

As is the case with so many small flooring businesses, most of the sales and operational information we needed to know was stored solely within the owner’s heads,  making day-to-day processes confusing and time-consuming. This meant that employees had to wait for the business owner to give them information before they could make a sale.

After years of frustration using only Quickbooks, we finally made the switch to RollMaster flooring business software. It wasn’t necessarily an easy transition. As GM, I had to put in late nights and long hours to move our entire operation into the software. But after we implemented RollMaster, the business’ yearly sales grew from one million to eight million in just six years. There’s no way that type of growth could have happened with generic software. 

Throughout those exciting six years of growth, I noticed how the RollMaster system was rapidly evolving. It felt like almost every month the system got a new major upgrade that made our lives a lot easier. It was particularly useful to see the software change from dated blue screens to easy-to-use graphic interfaces.

The Work Behind Operational Change

Operational change takes a lot of work. As the General Manager, I was tasked with training the staff to use RollMaster software. It’s pretty common for long-time employees to fight the change away from old systems, and that was definitely the case with my team. But as soon as they started using RollMaster, the staff members quickly realized the benefits. 

The features RollMaster offered made our sales team very happy. Due to the detailed job cost view, our salespeople could see what their commission would be before they even made the sale. That helped them to understand their margins and make smart decisions about how much to charge for different products. Another plus was that our team could view their monthly commission before they received their checks. As you can imagine, that was a big boost for morale!

First-Hand Experience with RollMaster

If you look at the about page on RollMaster’s site you’ll notice I’m not the only person to have used RollMaster flooring software as a customer before joining the team. When it comes to hiring support or sales staff, our RollMaster team always tries to hire people with in-depth industry experience, and when possible,  experience actually using RollMaster Flooring Business Software. Having employees with previous hands-on experience with the software that are experts in the flooring industry helps to:

  • Ensure we’re better able to connect to new users.
  • Easily relate to flooring professionals.
  • Train someone on the system easily.
  • Understand the day-to-day issues of a flooring business and communicate how valuable the system is at solving those problems.

Our customers’ knowledge is only as good as what the RollMaster training team shows them, so it’s important for us to make sure they know everything they need to optimize their business. 

Working with RollMaster Today

As the Regional Sales Professional for the eastern half of the United States, my territory consists of east of the Mississippi and the entire Caribbean. I receive demo requests from people all the way in the UK, Australia, and even Dubai. 

One of my favorite parts of working with RollMaster is that I can continue to give flooring stores of every size – from small  “mom and pops” to large corporations – the opportunity to grow and manage their operations more efficiently. I continue to work in an industry that I know inside out. As a member of the RollMaster sales team, I get to work with partners on a one-on-one basis to help their businesses experience rapid growth.  And because the RollMaster organization is so eager to listen to our partners and implement the new features that they ask for, I get to help make flooring professionals jobs so much more efficient and solve problems they’ve had for years.

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