Close More Jobs With Fully Integrated Lead Tracking

Flooring professional and client discussing flooring order

Automating your flooring business sets you up for success. How? By ensuring that you don’t miss any opportunities at converting your prospects into clients! A fully integrated Lead Processing system with helpful product integrations ensures that you are able to easily and consistently work with your leads to convert more sales. Our RollMaster Lead Processing application provides the kind of features and tools you need to track leads and close sales. 

First, Gather Prospect Data

Don’t wait for a sales appointment to add a prospect to your Lead Processing program. Entering a prospect into your RollMaster Software allows you to begin tracking them as a lead. Our new application is tied to Google Maps and Zillow so once the address is entered, you can gather additional information on your potential customer. Taking the time up front to gather information helps your whole team interact with your prospect, by having all their information saved in one place. 

Open Lines of Communication

When you’re adding your prospect into the Lead Processing program, you can easily add RM Text Alert to your communication strategy. This allows you to quickly and easily start making appointments, confirm information, and follow up with their service as they move through the sales process. RM Text Alert users are finding it much easier to communicate with their customers and get quick responses through text messages rather than by phone or email. 

Our Lead Processing program also allows you to send internal and external emails! You can email information to your sales team, or email the prospect your latest deal right from the program!

Fully Integrated To Save Time

Entering information in multiple locations opens the door for discrepancies, inaccurate quotes, and lower customer satisfaction on top of the extra time it takes to enter! When you enter information into the Lead Processing program, that data will flow through to the core RollMaster System so all of your information remains accurate. You can also instantly create a quote or order without needing to go back and forth between programs.

RM MeasureSquare users and RM Mobile users also benefit from the integrated system. Companies that get a high volume of leads, or many shop-at-home orders can benefit from the integration of scheduling, leads, estimating, and RM Mobile. You’ll be able to keep salespeople on the go and allow easy updates to the leads module from the road, without needing to return to the office. 

Plus, when your sales team is creating accurate estimates with RM MeasureSquare, they’ll save time too because all of the prospect’s preliminary data will be directly imported. Information on the rooms to be measured, color preferences, and client notes will all be tied into the system to make the estimate that much faster. When the customer is on board and the deal is closed, the data can be imported back into the RollMaster system for continued processing. 

Stay On Top of Fresh Leads

The RollMaster Leads Module allows managers to easily track their team’s success and opportunities. Run reports to quickly find out which leads need a follow-up, and which leads have gone cold. With information at the ready, it’s much easier to lead your team into growing your business, and increasing revenue!

Want to learn how RollMaster can optimize your flooring business? Schedule a custom demonstration to find out more!

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