Announcing: Broadlume Acquires RollMaster

Broadlume, parent company of FloorForce, Creating Your Space,, and Retail Lead Management (RLM), is proud to announce the acquisition of RollMaster: a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the flooring industry. 

ERP platforms allow businesses to manage and integrate different software systems and processes. RollMaster—an ERP developed specifically to empower the flooring industry—is no different.

RollMaster’s cloud-based ERP platform includes inventory management, point of sale (POS) solutions, accounting tools, and native enterprise functionality. It also offers training, barcoding, and add-ons such as analytics, payment processing, reputation management, and a floor covering B2B integration.

But the acquisition of RollMaster represents much more than just increased functionality. 

Thanks to this acquisition, Broadlume is now able to offer independent flooring dealers the industry’s first all-in-one platform of digital tools.

In the past, dealers had to log into and use up to 5 different software programs just to turn a lead into a sale. Now, with the acquisition of RollMaster, dealers only need one: Broadlume’s integrated all-in-one platform.

With this seamless integration, dealers are able to keep track of every opportunity, turn opportunities into leads, leads into quotes, and quotes into sales. 

Beyond saving dealers time and money by connecting online technology to an in-store selling system, Broadlume’s all-in-one platform will empower independent flooring retailers like never before.

“I’m really excited about Broadlume’s vision of a completely integrated tech stack for the flooring industry,” said Patrick Ferries, COO of RollMaster. 

“I’m even more excited about Broadlume’s acquisition of RollMaster so that we become a key part of this tech ecosystem. With Broadlume’s talent and resources, we will take RollMaster to a new level and continue to innovate and support the independent flooring dealer.”  

On the company’s recent acquisition, Broadlume CEO Todd Saunders remarked, “While I know I sound a bit like a broken record at this point—especially after the Creating Your Space and RLM acquisitions—I really feel like there has never been a more exciting time to be an independent dealer in the flooring industry.” 

“With RollMaster joining Broadlume, we now have the final piece of the puzzle for offering an all-in-one solution for flooring dealers. We’re taking our time with this integration, but we have officially unlocked the ability to follow a consumer throughout their buying journey—from the moment they click on an ad to the moment that invoice gets paid.”

To find out more information about Broadlume’s acquisition of RollMaster, please contact your FloorForce or Creating Your Space Account Manager. For all other dealers, sign up for FloorForce today to learn how our suite of products can help simplify and grow your business.

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