Three Ways Flooring Companies can Save Time and Money

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Investing in software can help flooring companies grow to new heights, but did you know that it can also unlock lots of valuable time? Flooring business-specific software makes running and operating your business quicker and easier by creating solution-based efficiencies.


If you’re utilizing different software programs that don’t integrate together, your staff is likely spending a lot of time on double (or triple, or more!) entries of the same data.

For example, does your accounting system communicate data smoothly with your credit card processing system and your inventory and job entry programs? When these core systems don’t integrate, businesses can experience costly issues like missing data, duplicate entries, and payment discrepancies. Not only does it cost time to enter this data in multiple places, but it costs your business again to fix discrepancies later. Integrated software makes your whole operation more efficient.

fully integrated software creates efficiencies in your business by saving you time. With an integrated system in place you won’t need to pay your staff to enter the same data in several different places.

Instead they’ll only need to enter it once and then they can utilize the time saved on other efforts to grow your business. The biggest advantage is that your team can focus on more important tasks, while also improving your bottom line.

RollMaster’s advanced API means that it can sync with almost any other modern software. A customer favorite is the integration with credit card processor Gravity Payments. It allows real-time, accurate payment data with no delay, saving money in credit card processing fees, and accounting staff labor. This means saving time on entering the same data in multiple places.


Flooring warehouses can become a maze of boxes and carpet rolls that require a huge learning curve for new staff. Inventory takes time and energy, and if everyone isn’t on the same page it can cause costly backups when trying to look for products down the line. As businesses grow, inventory management only becomes a harsher pain point for flooring companies until a change is made.

Update your warehouse with modern inventory equipment and technology. The days of using pen and paper or old barcoding guns are done. As inventory systems have become more sophisticated and tailored to
flooring companies, they’ve also become easier to use and learn! Updating to a modern inventory system will make it easier for your team to find what they’re looking for, and log it in your system without needing to run back and forth to the office.

RollMaster’s new Android Barcode Mobile integration makes managing inventory quicker and easier than ever before. People already know how to use smartphones, plus they’re much less expensive than old barcode guns. Using them in the warehouse is a no-brainer.


With stiff competition in the flooring industry, it’s harder than ever to grow your business. Big box stores have systems that help them win more jobs, and cut down on unnecessary costs. The only way to compete is to make sure your business is operating at its highest capabilities.

It all starts with the estimate! Savvy customers expect you to deliver highly polished customized estimates, fast! Using accurate measuring and estimating software helps flooring dealers win more jobs. Integrating those systems with business analytics highlights possible efficiencies in the sales and installation processes. And if all of this vital information is stored on the cloud, business can happen from anywhere!


Screenshot of Rollmaster Mobile App on a smartphone.

RollMaster’s industry leading cloud-based software automates every process within busy flooring companies, giving you the tools you need to bring your business to the next level. One of the ways RollMaster makes business operations easier is by integrating all your flooring software needs into one place.

RollMaster’s integrations use a unique API to seamlessly connect with the operational tools flooring businesses rely on, such as accounting and estimating software, and marketing platforms. These integrations benefit every level of your business, from simplifying warehouse tasks to making big business decisions much easier.

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