A RollMaster Partnership Of Decades

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At RollMaster, we have a long history in the Flooring Technology industry. We started in the early 1980s, and have grown both our company and our software over more than 30 years. One major thing that has never changed is our steadfast commitment to our customers and our employees. Because RollMaster Flooring Software was built by flooring industry professionals for flooring industry professionals, we are committed to the success of our clients and we help them grow through business optimization.

A Partnership For More Than 20 Years

Our partnership with Baldwin Carpet started in the late 1990s and has continued to grow over the past twenty years. “We’ve used RollMaster since May of 1998,” says Don Baldwin, Founder, and President of Baldwin Carpet. Their journey with RollMaster started with a recommendation from a trusted software developer, and they were onboarded in-person soon after.

Since starting with RollMaster over two decades ago, it has become the data hub of Baldwin Carpet. “We use RollMaster for everything in our business. It is the only software we need,” says Don. Since their onboarding, Baldwin Carpet has seen a lot of changes and growth from RollMaster Software to better suit their needs.

Continuous Software Updates To Boost Business

We want RollMaster to work fluidly in every aspect of our partner’s flooring businesses. Because of this, we take requests from our partners very seriously and try to implement them as quickly as possible. Don shared an example of an improvement made to the RM Mobile Install Calendar “We were in desperate need of a scheduling calendar that everyone could access, and the new calendar is working out great!”

With an early start on cloud technology, RollMaster has made it seamless to access business data at any time, anywhere. “It never fails. It is always running. I love the cloud service and being able to access it everywhere,” says Don.

Support When You Need It

We’re proud of our teams’ ability to address problems partners may be having quickly and effectively through our Help Portal! This function means that any question that arises is able to be resolved through our video tutorials or by our support staff.

“The RollMaster team seems like a big family, and we are a part of that family,” says Don. “I love the way I can submit questions on their knowledge page and I get an answer very quickly.”

Want to learn how RollMaster can partner with your business for decades to come? Schedule a custom demonstration to find out more!

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