Ideas on Selecting Business Software for a Flooring Business

The flooring industry has an excellent group of dedicated software developers, all of whom are competent, honest and truly devoted to the flooring industry. I believe that it is important to move away from any software that is not designed specifically to meet the needs of our industry; you should find a company who understands the industry, has a good history, relates to your business flow processes and specializes in delivering technology that will work for you. The next issue that is potentially problematic is implementation; you will need a partner in this regard. To this end, I suggest the following steps: 1). research the available sources on-line, 2). request a web demo from the interesting looking candidates & get references 3). call the references provided & check with your peers for their opinions/recomendations 4). widdle down the list to 3 potentials 5). from the short list, schedule an on-site visit; the purposes of this is to check the fit, see & discuss the demo in your environment and evaluate the impact of the process proposed 6). Request a formal proposal and a written implementation plan. By the way, is a company interested in developing a relationship with successful flooring businesses, like yours.

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