Run your flooring business more efficiently, for less

RollMaster Cloud solutions are tailored to address
your flooring business needs – whatever they may be
The RollMaster Cloud solution is cost-effective to purchase, deploys quickly, and delivers rapid time to value. These flooring management solutions can grow with your business, expand your business processes, and seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise IT investments. We are tailoring our products so that they can be used with many types of mobile devices.
Your data is secure in the RollMaster Cloud
The RollMaster applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards. You only pay for what you need and we keep the environment stable and safe.
The RollMaster Cloud is designed to support your flooring business without adding to your workload
The RollMaster Cloud handles the backups, the software upgrades as well as software and server infrastructure maintenance. You will be surprised by all of the services that are included and how little you need to do. Since you will not have to worry about IT issues, you and your team can focus on core competencies which is more productive and better for your business.
The RollMaster Cloud Will Future proof your investment
From next-generation flooring industry specific software upgrades, leveraging the RollMaster Cloud enables you to enable relevant business processes without making big infrastructure investments. Since solutions in the RollMaster Cloud are always being upgraded and updated, you don’t have to worry that you are adopting technology that will be obsolete within a year.
The RollMaster Cloud flooring solution exists
to support you
Access to the cloud is a service complete with service-level agreements with penalties for under-performance. Providers work hard to build a level of trust with customers as this environment is crucial for successful business partnership
The RollMaster Cloud will make you more agile than ever
Whether you want to turbocharge your current operations or get a new branch location up and running, the RollMaster Cloud solutions enables you respond to demand right away. If your business changes or you spin off a division, the RollMaster Cloud expense with the change. .
Run your flooring business more efficiently, for less
With the RollMaster Flooring business cloud solution you can set up new companies, branches, warehouses without a large capital investment in technology. Our subscription minimums allow you to start small and expand as needed. The RollMaster cloud solutions are packaged as services with costs that scale linearly with use, there are no surprise expenses. You know what to expect each month, and that predictability makes planning easier and more accurate.
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