Essential Business Insights to Track for Flooring Company Success

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One of the quickest ways to gain more profit for your business is to lower your costs. But we know this isn’t the easiest thing to do! When you’re able to quickly and easily gain business insights on a granular level, you’ll be better able to find profit leaking holes. 

Gain Business Insights With Data Visualization

Being able to easily process your company’s data is critical for all flooring companies. Data visualization means you’re able to break down a bunch of data into easy to understand visuals so you and your whole team can be on the same page. Data Visualization allows your team to see in a glance changes in sales, specific jobs, and products so you can make quick decisions. The faster you’re able to make big decisions, the more money you’ll be able to save for your business!

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Give Your Sales Team The Tools They Need For The Job

An informed employee has the information they need to make smart decisions. This covers not just your upper management, but your sales team too! When your sales team has access to their job costs and margins they’ll be better able to understand their impact on the business. Keeping this in mind long term helps people learn how to make sales and jobs as profitable as possible.

We highly recommend setting a commission structure based on gross profits so that your company benefits, and your sales team works hard on what matters the most!

What Business Insights Should You Track?

Each business has its own set of strengths and weaknesses that can contribute to their success. While this can mean that some metrics are more or less important than others, you should always have a good idea of the following business insights.

  • Job Cost – how much does each individual job or project cost your business? 
  • Margins – the difference between how much a job costs you, and how much it costs your customer.
  • Products – which products are selling well, and which ones are not. Can you find ways to promote your best products and keep your inventory in line?
  • Customer – Who is buying from you frequently, and how much time do they need to make the sale?
  • Salespeople close rates – who are your most successful salespeople, and what can they teach to your less successful sales team?

Track Your Company Easily!

We’ve partnered with Tableau to give flooring companies users robust data visualization. This kind of business insights used to require extensive training and education and is now easily available.

Tableau has changed the way we’re able to see our business overall,” says Steve Kellogg of Flooring Liquidators. “We can drill down into a specific job finder, look for products that are selling, gauge our salespeople. It’s a really important addition.” 

Ready to get more out of RollMaster Flooring Software? Get in touch to find out how RM Analytics can support your business and how to get started with the integration!

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