You Need Flooring Apps: Stay Fully Connected Through Your Phone

Phone flooring app showing use of flooring installation calendar.

One of the best ways that flooring businesses can create efficiencies is by making sure their time is well spent. That means avoiding double entry, streamlining your inventory, and making sure you don’t need to run back and forth between installations and the office. But, saving that time on back-and-forth means you’ll need a way to have real-time access to data from the office. That’s where mobile flooring apps come to play!

Stay On Top Of Your Business No Matter Where You Are

Any good business owner wants to know what’s going on in their store at any given moment. With the RM Mobile App, you’ll be able to see all of the flooring business data you need, no matter where you are. 

The RM Mobile App has data on inventory, installation schedules, to off-site sales calls. This app is great for managers! It allows them to quickly glance at business and sales data, with easy to read charts. You can get as nitty gritty as you want with details on accounts payable, sales, open orders and more. Plus you can view the timestamps of your sales team, as well as any notes made on sales calls. 

An App For The Sales Team

RM Mobile isn’t just for upper management. The sales team can make great use of this flooring app too! Having information in the palm of your hand is much quicker than sorting through spreadsheets and data on the computer. 

The RM Mobile app allows the sales team to access everything they need to know about customers, from the value of their work in progress, year to date sales, last year’s sales, deposits and so much more. You can also check on your store’s stock, and make sure to accurately quote pricing on products with full access to your system catalog.

No More Schedule Mix Ups

Keeping your installation schedule straight can be a team effort. Instead of organizing different digital calendars, or even a pen-and-paper schedule, make use of the RM Web Install Calendar. This flooring app allows you to schedule and manage installations easily. Plus, you’ll be able to give your installation crews access to this information on their phones while they’re out in the field. 

The RM Web Install Calendar allows your installer to take and store photos, customer signatures, diagrams, cut sheets and more to help you avoid costly mistakes in the field. Depending on your preference the RollMaster Install Calendar can be accessed via the web, on tablets, and smartphones.

Never Misplace Valuable Documents

Your business is only as good as the data you keep. Misplacing documents, notes, and photos can lead to costly problems! The RollMaster E-Docs app is a powerful tool that allows you to attach files in many places within your core RollMaster software. This allows you to store photos, diagrams, supplier specifications, expense reports, bills, and more! 

Avoid paper filing forever with E-Docs. No matter what the file size, you can store digital files with this flooring app. You can also set permissions to control the access of your employees, so people can only access the data they really need. This prevents unauthorized people from viewing or deleting confidential files. 

Flooring apps can help keep your business running smoothly, right from your phone! RollMaster makes it easier than ever to keep track of your flooring company. For more information sign up to get a free demonstration today!

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