2019 In Review

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This year brought many changes that have made RollMaster Flooring Business Software even better heading into 2020. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our customers and making it easier to run and grow their flooring businesses. We’re dedicated to taking your recommendations for the functionality of RollMaster Software, you can let us know what you’d like to see in 2020 with our customer survey!

Every year we have experienced growth, but 2019, in particular, has been a year of rapid growth that has allowed us to expand the RollMaster infrastructure with new staff and internal systems, including a new website that is ready for even more growth to come. As eager as we can be about new addons or new features for our core software, it’s even better to experience our customer’s excitement!

New Features & Integrations:

Android Barcode Device

Our latest update is the addition of the new Android Barcode Device to our warehouse product line. This Industry-first integration allows for full barcode device capability on an Android device that can double as a smartphone. This device allows for faster training of warehouse staff with its intuitive touchscreen, and familiar interface.

MeasureSquare Integration

One of our most powerful integrations in 2019 is MeasureSquare! MeasureSquare estimating software allows for quick and easy measurements to produce detailed estimates fast so you can impress potential clients and win more jobs. Our cloud-based program allows you to use MeasureSquare anywhere, with or without internet access. Turn drawings into estimates and estimates into jobs all within RollMaster Flooring Software.

Language Translation Feature

Translating documents within RollMaster Flooring Software is now possible with our Multilingual Documents feature. This update was a part of our third quarter release and makes it possible for RollMaster users to translate notes on all quotes, agreements, work orders, and purchase orders. We’re currently at 12 languages and counting!

Tableau Integration

Our integration with Tableau is one of the most beneficial add-ons to RollMaster software, giving you powerful analytics in just a few clicks. With the ability to create graphical data in seconds, Tableau saves our partners hundreds of hours a year by eliminating the need to generate dozens of pivot tables and other reports to arrive at the same data that displays in seconds. In 2019 we added key inventory dashboards, and refined several of the sales dashboards to make them even easier to use! The new Sales 3.0 dashboard is our most intuitive version yet.

CARE Tracking Program

We’ve always been there for our partners who do business in California, and need to adhere to the CARE legislation. 2019 has brought some updates to the law including fee changes, in response we’ve updated our free care tracking for our partners who need it, and we continue to monitor the legislation for further changes that may be needed.

RM Mobile Updates

Taking RollMaster Flooring Software with you on the job is easy with RM Mobile! Its intuitive installation calendar feature makes scheduling jobs and installations easy with access from any device, anywhere.

Projects Module

We updated our core software so all RollMaster Flooring Software users can access the Project Module as a new feature within the system. This feature allows users to group small jobs together, as part of larger projects. This organizational upgrade makes it easier for your whole team to stay on the same page by consolidating information including cost, profit, and margin for the entire project in one location.

RollMaster Emailing and Upgraded Invoicing

With the launch of the internal RollMaster Email feature, the addition of the Quick Invoice option, and graphical updates to Batch Invoicing, the process of billing your clients has never been quicker! Whichever program you use to generate invoices, you can also now email Invoices directly to your customers, reducing the time spent on billing by up to 50%! And there’s no need for any outside apps!

Digital Marketing Hub by Creating Your Space and RollMaster Flooring Software

The Digital Marketing Hub is an exciting new add-on for RollMaster users! This integration with Creating Your Space makes your marketing efforts simple by integrating with your existing RollMaster Flooring Software. Data from your business directly feeds the content sent to your clients through email or text message. This semi-automated process allows for sending a drip-email campaign to prospects following the quotation process, and even sends installation appointment reminders, modernizing your marketing efforts.

Events & Workshops:

2019 Workshops – Seattle, St. Petersburg, New Orleans

We had three excellent workshops this year, in three fun locations, Seattle, St. Petersburg, and New Orleans! These events aren’t just for learning how to fully utilize RollMaster software, they’re also excellent networking events for the flooring industry.

In 2019, one of our goals was to make our workshops even better for our participants. We completely reformatted our workshop outline, and added hugely successful breakout sessions on days two and three to allow attendees to focus on growing their knowledge in specific areas. These changes have been met with overwhelmingly positive responses from our attendees, and we will be expanding these efforts in our 2020 workshops. Stay tuned for more details for our Fort Worth workshop in April, and San Diego in October.

15 Webinars

To keep our partners up to date in between Workshops, we also offer Webinars throughout the year. With a back catalog of 15 webinars from 2019, there is still so much to learn. All of our 2019 workshops are integrated into the Help Desk Client Login site where you can find all of our resources for using RollMaster Software and growing your business! All of our 2019 webinars are available on the Help Desk site, where you can search by date or topic!

12 Trade shows

RollMaster staff was present at twelve different industry trade shows in 2019! We are committed to fostering community in the flooring industry, and we believe the best way to do it is face-to-face! Trade shows allow us to meet with flooring industry professionals in person, and we’re excited to see more in 2020. Mark your calendars, because next year we’ll be attending:

  • Southeast Flooring Market in January
  • Southwest Flooring Market in January
  • Shaw Dallas Market in January
  • TISE in January
  • Domotex in February
  • Gulf Coast Flooring Market in February
  • Abbey Carpet/FTG Convention in February
  • Carpets Plus in February
  • Coverings in April
  • NWFA in April
  • NAFCD in November

Staff, Support & More

New Hires in 2019

This has been a year of growth for the RollMaster Flooring software team! We’re glad to have been able to bring on our awesome new employees: Alexis Cummins, web developer, Justin Zint, web developer, Katie Krzemien, support agent, Chris Eades Sales, and Marc Zoellner, Developer, plus Gretchen Jewell, our Tableau/Analytics specialist.

We wouldn’t be able to grow our team if it wasn’t for our amazing clients! We’re excited about our investment in the growth of our development team, who are helping us meet the ever-growing needs of the flooring industry. They support our growing web applications and our ongoing move to RMCloud which allows for RollMaster Flooring Software access from any device, anywhere.

New Website

2019 was an exciting year for RollMaster online! We launched our brand new website built to better serve our partners and potential partners. We’ve been sharing helpful tips and resources in the blog, along with stories to help you get to know us better, like Brandon’s Road to RollMaster.

Along with the new website, we’ve updated our Help Desk feature so all RollMaster Flooring Software users can fix issues as they come up. We’ve been working hard on our Knowledge Base Articles and Video Database to allow for the best information resources. These videos show our System in action to make sure all RollMaster users are equipped to use RollMaster Flooring Software effectively.

All-staff meeting in New Orleans

We’re proud to be an all-remote team! Working remotely allows for better work-life balance for RollMaster employees, and ensures that we have the flexibility to support our clients whenever they need us. In 2019 we had an all-staff meeting in New Orleans, allowing us to strengthen our team in person! Our face-to-face meetings are hugely beneficial for our whole team, and allow us to grow as a company.

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