RM Analytics

Get accurate Flooring Business analytics at a small price, with no MBA degree required. This exciting new integration combines powerful Data Visualization and Business Intelligence information into easy to follow images allowing you to make strategic decisions more quickly than ever before. RM Analytics allows you to instantly convert sales data into images that areRead More

Barcode Software and Equipment

With RollMaster barcode inventory management technology, your flooring inventory has never been more organized! Our wireless barcode equipment and software helps you utilize your inventory assets more effectively while minimizing costly errors. The RollMaster barcode inventory management integration enhances every aspect of your inventory management with real-time data. The result is improved accuracy, control, andRead More

B2B Integration

Connecting with your buyers and vendors has never been easier! Across the board, flooring suppliers have largely migrated to electronic document exchange, referred to as Business-to-Business or B2B. RollMaster has always been on the cutting edge of flooring business technology and was a founding member of the B2B initiative! We have continually made improvements toRead More

RM Text Alert

Connecting with customers has never been easier! Text Alert starts at only $99/month and makes it easy to maintain client communication through text messages. It’s simple to send installation reminders on a schedule that works for your business, helping avoid costly last-minute cancellations and so much more! Plus you can save all of your messagesRead More

E-Docs Virtual Storage w/ Mobile App

Get any time access with E-Docs! This powerful, multi-faceted add-on allows you to attach files to many useful places in the RollMaster program. Store and access photos, diagrams, supplier specifications, credit applications, expense reports, accounts payable, bills, and more, right where you need them. No More Paper Filing! RollMaster features convenient virtual storage of allRead More