MeasureSquare Estimating

Our advanced API is one of the reasons RollMaster Flooring Software is so powerful. It creates seamless connections between your RollMaster Software and all of the other applications you use to help your business run smoothly. These essential integrations allow RollMaster to be the backbone of your flooring business. They eliminate time-wasting double data entry, give you real-time visual data about your finances, improve your inventory management, and much more!

MeasureSquare Estimating

Quick and accurate estimating can help you win more jobs—both commercial and residential! Our MeasureSquare integration makes estimating faster, more professional-looking, and helps you meet tight deadlines. Read More

RM Analytics

View your overall business in a way you’ve never been able to before with this powerful data analytics and business intelligence integration. RollMaster delivers dozens of dashboards with easy to follow charts and graphs to inform strategic business decisions quickly. You’ll never want to look at a spreadsheet again! Read More


With our latest flooring business tool, you’ll be able to manage your online reputation and encourage customers to leave positive reviews, all seamlessly linked with the rest of your RollMaster Software System. Read More

Barcode Software and Equipment

Wireless Warehousing using a handheld Android Mobile Barcode Device or iPhone w/ integrated barcode scanner has revolutionized Inventory Management for the flooring industry, available only to our clients. This proprietary software provides improved utilization of inventory assets, while minimizing costly errors. Read More

B2B Integration

As a founding member of the fcB2B initiative that began more than 20 years ago, RollMaster maintains one of the most robust programs for importing key catalog and pricing data and delivering web services from participating flooring vendors. We continually advocate for increased industry-wide participation. Read More

RM Text Alert

Texting is the new emailing and RollMaster delivers with this exciting integration that is revolutionizing the way our RollMaster clients schedule installations and sales appointments and conduct general correspondence with customers. Read More

RM Mobile App

The RollMaster Mobile App delivers any time, anywhere access to key flooring business data from the RollMaster System. Access your inventory, customer, vendor, installation, and leads data from your mobile device. Read More

E-Docs Virtual Storage w/ Mobile App

Condense your paperwork considerably by storing all relevant Job Documents in an online storage system accessible from your RollMaster system. And now, our convenient E-Docs Mobile app lets you snap photos and scan multiple items on the go! Read More

RM Web Install Calendar

The RM Web Calendar provides a mobile platform for managing your installation department, giving access to real-time data to schedulers, sales staff, and installation crews. Our clients can access from any internet connected mobile device or computer. Read More

Gravity Payments

Eliminate errors and keep more of your money when you process credit card payments in RollMaster. Streamline the process from beginning to end. Your A/R department will thank you and so will your bank account! Read More

API Key and Doc Page

RollMaster Software has an Open API policy. With this subscription, our RollMaster clients are free to integrate with any other marketing or business software that makes sense for their business. Read More

Digital Marketing Hub

Integrate your marketing tasks with RollMaster and Digital Marketing Hub! Services include email and text message marketing as well as review and reputation management, making this tool a valuable addition to your technology suite. Read More

Leads Processing

From the moment a prospect lands on your radar, you can begin tracking and moving them through the sales process. Utilize tools such as Zillow, Google Maps, and MeasureSquare to increase your close rates! Request A Demo

Google Translate

RollMaster utilizes the Google Translate feature to allow multi-language translation on several customer facing documents and Work Orders. Multiple options exist for this great feature, which is a part of the core RollMaster System. Request A Demo

Multi-Family Web Portal

What if your Multi-Family clients had a custom website for each property management company to place their orders so all you had to do was complete order processing through your RollMaster System without picking up the phone? Wonder no more! Request A Demo

Payroll Integration-PenSoft

Following the 2019 federal tax table changes, RollMaster added options for directly importing payroll accounting data into the system general ledger from any third-party payroll application. Additionally, RollMaster has partnered with PenSoft payroll for a reliable, yet economical, payroll processing solution. Request A Demo

Creating Your Space

Get Online. Get Found. Get Sales! Utilize this tool for a custom website that includes product catalog integration from RollMaster, plus all the tools you need to get found and generate sales online. Request A Demo


Digital Marketing for the flooring industry. FloorForce is a website and digital marketing company solely committed to improving sales for Flooring Retailers, Distributors, and Manufacturers. Request A Demo


RollMaster offers an integration for customers with a MailChimp account. Using key customer and analytical data from RollMaster, create email campaigns that drive new sales and repeat business. Request A Demo

VOIP Phone Solutions

It’s not just your phone, it’s your business. Save on your monthly telecom costs, plus use the power of the RollMaster integration to alert you to who’s calling. Request A Demo

Retail Lead Management

For any of our clients currently using Retail Lead Management software, RollMaster offers an integration that automates the process of creating a quote or order in RollMaster from data generated by RLM, eliminating double-entry. Request A Demo


RollMaster has an existing integration with RealPage for Multi-Family clients using this application. This allows for exporting Vendor Invoice export data in the format that RealPage requires. This API is a part of the Core RollMaster System. Request A Demo


RollMaster has an existing integration with Yardi/VENDORCafé for our Multi-Family clients using this application. This API dramatically reduces paper invoices and streamlines communication with Vendors. This API is a part of the Core RollMaster System. Request A Demo

Quick Base

Quick Base is a web-based Project Management Software that has an existing integration with RollMaster. This application brings people and processes together within a secure, integrated workspace in the cloud. Request A Demo

Mercado Freight

Track overseas orders and shipments from the time of purchase through to shipping status updates and eventual receiving into your warehouse. Directly import the container order into RollMaster via this integration. Request A Demo


MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. Integrated with RollMaster, it allows additional management of customer data and analysis for interested RollMaster clients. Request A Demo


eCommerce has been gaining in popularity in just about every industry, and that includes flooring. RollMaster and WooCommerce have partnered to assist you with making this a reality for your business. Request A Demo

Magento Commerce

Create engaging shoppable experiences using your RollMaster catalog and Magento’s ability to give you the power to create a unique and engaging web presence for your online flooring customers. Request A Demo