The building and contracting business is competitive and fraught with tumbling margins. So your business needs every advantage to ensure your success and increase those points. Every aspect of installing flooring in a new home needs to be monitored. RollMaster tracks it all in real-time, including job cost, so you don’t have to worry about dwindling profits. Take control of your market sector with the powerfully integrated RollMaster Contractor Flooring Software System.

Builder Flooring Software on laptop

We Know the Flooring Business

RollMaster was built by flooring professionals for flooring professionals, and we continually adapt to changes or needs within the contractor market for flooring. We understand the unique needs of the builder flooring market and we know what your business needs to perform as effectively as possible. Whether you’re building tract homes, custom homes, or both, we’ve got you covered. We can keep your sales team mobile while staying in touch with the home office for purchasing and installation scheduling. You can build templates for track homes, or create custom orders with special pricing tied to each contractor.

Making You More Efficient, So You Can Grow Your Business

Our core product gives you the features you need to be efficient and accurate. This contractor flooring software gives you more time to run your business. With real-time job costing, integrated accounting, and a robust inventory management program, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game as a flooring contractor.

Key features to help with your daily contractor operations:

  • Integrated cloud-based estimating allows for quick and accurate new construction bids.
  • Extensive product catalog—stock and sell any product at predetermined price points.
  • Purchasing tied to the Order to alleviate mistakes in the warehouse.
  • Multi-lingual Work Order and Customer facing documents.
  • Data analytics to identify weak spots in your sales process for even better margins.
  • Controls to ensure margins are solid, associated product items are not left off orders, and commissions are paid based on true job costs.
  • And so much more!

The Tools You Need When You Need Them

We offer many efficiency tools that are beneficial to contractor flooring businesses. Our clients have found the most improvement to their businesses with the following products:

Quick and accurate estimating!

Analytics and business intelligence integration.

Wireless Warehousing using handheld devices.

Catalog and pricing data and web services.

Correspond with your customers with ease!

Access your inventory, customer, vendor, installation, and leads data from your mobile device.

Condense your paperwork considerably.

Manage your installation department on the go.

Multi-language translation on several customer facing documents.

RollMaster has partnered with PenSoft payroll for payroll processing solutions.

Save on your monthly telecom costs.

What Is Flooring Software For Contractors?

The flooring industry is unique! Because of this, many generic business software options just don’t have the tools necessary to get your jobs done efficiently. From the beginning, RollMaster Flooring Software was built to create efficiencies in flooring business, including flooring building and contracting businesses. When your business is running efficiently and accurately, from finding clients to final accounting, you’ll be able to boost your bottom line.

RollMaster Flooring Software helps you by giving you the time you need to grow your business. Our software optimizes many time-wasting processes like double entry, shuffling through paper files, and it integrates data so that everyone on your team has the information they need to do their job. Plus flooring contractors are able to use additional products like our barcode inventory system to streamline the biggest asset to your business.

How Does Contractor Flooring Software Benefit My Business?

Our software will make any flooring business more efficient and organized, but contractor flooring businesses need special tools to get your jobs done. You’ll like these aspects of RollMaster Flooring Software:

  1. Integration with MeasureSquareRollMaster teamed up with MeasureSquare to help provide flooring businesses the best tools in the industry! We know that creating accurate estimates as quickly as possible is key. Add in professional-looking bids and you’re much more likely to win the job than your competition.
  2. The Best in B2B Pricing Catalogs – Needing to log into different vendor web portals just to get pricing and product information isn’t a good use of time for flooring contractors. Instead, RollMaster has created B2B Exchange and B2B Master. Our industry-exclusive fcB2B flooring software for catalog data import makes it easy to have the latest information in your team’s hands in real time.
  3. Avoid Costly Mistakes – Many flooring contractors utilize our tools to tie purchasing to the order. This alleviates mistakes in the warehouse by ensuring information isn’t lost and the whole team is on the same page. Flooring contractors also make great use out of our integration with Google Translate to make multi-lingual documents throughout RollMaster, helping your whole team be on the same page.
  4. Contractor-specific Controls – Make sure your margins are appropriate, and that all associated products are added to your orders. We also help you to make sure your staff’s commissions are paid based on true job costs to make sure everyone is working to the same goal: growing your bottom line.

Can Flooring Contractor Software Help Me Find New Clients?

We make it easier to gain and impress new clients with our efficiency tools! There are many ways to gain new clients these days, including in-person sales, as well as your digital presence. Our latest efficiency tool helps you to leverage your current customers for great reviews that will impress prospective clients. With RM5Star, you’ll be able to manage your online reputation and encourage customers to leave positive reviews, all seamlessly linked with the rest of your RollMaster Software System.

How Do I Know If RollMaster Is Right For My Business?

We know that software is an investment for your flooring contractor business. Because of this, we make sure to tailor our demonstration to your business. Get in contact today to talk to our knowledgeable staff about how RollMaster can help bring your business to new heights!