Vanessa Valdes

Trainer / Training Department

Vanessa has joined the RollMaster team in the Training Department. This crucial position allows her to work closely with clients who are just learning the software system. She also assists them with importing key data into the system so their transition to implementation and going live is more impactful, with key data already existing for them to train with. Vanessa started her own journey with RollMaster in 2005, while working for a flooring company already using the software. Her primary experience is working in the accounting department, installer payables and assisting with purchasing. Vanessa has an Associate’s Degree in Forensic Science and recently completed earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. Vanessa was born in CA and at the age of 4, moved with her family to Mexico. She grew up playing on the beach and riding motorcycles. At age 18, she returned to the U.S. to attend college in San Diego. Vanessa enjoys audiobooks, traveling, and attending baseball games with her family.

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