Patrick Ferries

General Manager

Patrick graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Business, and a minor in Finance. His previous work experience includes various sales jobs, most notably with Gateway Computers as a Regional Operations Manager, back when they had retail locations. His education and work experience–including a two-year stint as the manager for a multi-location flooring retailer–combined with his 15+ years with RollMaster, make him an effective and productive Vice President for RollMaster Software. Patrick’s vision for Advanced API has opened up the core system to become the backbone of a flooring operation, while feeding and integrating data with an ever-growing list of business and marketing-oriented applications, such as Tableau, RM5Star Reputation Management, MeasureSquare, Gravity Payments, WooCommerce, and Amazon Web Services, to name a few. Patrick has many and varied responsibilities within the organization, including Sales and Sales Management. If you ask him, he will tell you, “I love working.” He does also enjoy spending time with his family, and his hobbies include cars and brewing beer.

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