Daniel Damato

Estimating Sales and Training / Sales Department

Dan has an extensive education and background in construction, estimating, and flooring. After 21 years of serving our country in the civil engineering field with the US Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corp, Dan was able to retire and began a 2nd career as our Estimating Software Consultant and Trainer. While serving in the military, Dan attended several Air Force Technical schools, including Masonry, Carpentry, Sheet Metal, and Construction Management, to name a few, and he earned a Teaching Certification. Dan also took advanced Navy courses specializing in estimating, including Naval Construction Planning & Estimating, Construction Estimating, and Advanced Estimating School. This is an abbreviated list of Dan’s education and accomplishments, but safe to say, he is extremely well trained. His first flooring experience occurred while he was stationed in Madrid, Spain. The NCO Club burned down, and during the reconstruction phase, no one had experience installing carpet. Because Dan had seen it done once, he volunteered to give it a try. While not an easy task, Dan was able to pull through and complete the job. Dan has been busy in his personal life as well. He enjoys spending time with his seven grandchildren and working on his very old house.

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