When accuracy and efficiency are key to a successful multifamily focused business, you need a comprehensive, fully integrated business management software system that can handle it all! Unlike other flooring software that only handles small projects, RollMaster was programmed to not only suit the specific needs of a multifamily operation, but help it to grow and stay profitable. We connect you to your clients and vendors, provide accurate integrated estimating, and deliver on all other areas of your flooring business. RollMaster handles it all!

We Know the Multifamily Flooring Business

RollMaster was designed by flooring professionals with experience in every market sector, including Multifamily or Property Management, to ensure the success of our clients. We also actively program to adapt to changes or needs within the multifamily market. We understand the unique needs of multifamily flooring businesses and we know what your business needs to perform as effectively as possible. We have a 3-tier property management system for sales, billing, and analysis, plus a feature to import and export property templates to keep product and pricing up to date for each property.

Increasing Efficiencies in Your Multifamily Business

Our core product gives you the tools you need to be efficient and accurate, taking time and effort out of your day-to-day. Additional tools make operating within this market sector much easier.

Key features to help with your daily multifamily operations:

  • Integrated multi-family estimating software for quick and accurate takeoffs
  • Generic product listings that allow for rotating different manufacturer products
  • Project Processing feature groups multiple orders/quotes to track total project costs, margins, sales, change orders, and billing, while keeping each job separate for purchasing, printing work orders, assigning labor, etc. This feature includes a Schedule of Values (S.O.V.) option.
  • Extensive Inventory Management and Work Order features for optimal material handling
  • Importing and Exporting of property templates for quick updates and additions
  • Sales Analysis by Property, Property Manager, & Property Management-up to 3 tiers
  • Web Portal program to allow each property to place orders that automatically integrate with RollMaster Software for quick turnaround
  • And so much more!

The Tools You Need When You Need Them

We offer many efficiency tools that are beneficial to multifamily flooring businesses. Our clients have found the most improvement to their businesses with the following products:

How Does Multifamily Market Software Work?

RollMaster Flooring Software was built by flooring professionals for flooring professionals. As our software has grown we have made sure that every flooring industry, including multifamily flooring operations are able to use our software to create efficiencies and grow their business.

We’re constantly adding new efficiency tools and updating our software to suit the needs of our clients. One of the major benefits of RollMaster Software is that nearly our entire team has worked in the flooring industry before working for RollMaster. This means that we know the ins and outs of the multi-family flooring business, and we know what it takes to make the multi family market software you need.

Is RollMaster Flooring Software a PMS System?

A PMS system, or Property Management System is a tool that is specifically designed for multi family operations. Included in our Multi family flooring software is a 3-tier PMS system that includes sales, billing, and analysis. Additionally we offer a feature to import and export your property templates allowing you to keep your product and pricing up to date for all of your properties.

How Does RollMaster Help Multifamily Management?

RollMaster Software is uniquely designed to be at the core of your business. We make sure that our multifamily flooring clients have the tools they need to automate and create efficiencies. This helps you run your business more easily, and saves you time and money. Our clients love these features:

  • The Best In Estimation – We’ve partnered with MeasureSquare to help our clients make the most accurate estimates and takeoffs. With RM MeasureSquare you’ll be able to quickly and easily take measurements, create cute sheets, and optimize your estimation process.
  • Property Templates – With property templates you can easily make quick updates or additions by simply importing and exporting the templates you need.
  • Save Time With Generic Products – We make it easy to create generic product listings that allow you to rotate different manufacturer products as you need.
  • Group Multiple Orders– With our project processing feature you’ll be able to group multiple orders or quotes. This allows you to track total project costs, margins, and sales all while keeping each job separate for purchasing, work orders, labor and more. You can also include a Schedule of Values (SOV) option for even more detailed information.
  • Organized Inventory – With our extensive inventory management and work order features you’ll have your materials organized better than ever before.
  • Analyze Your Business– Our sales analysis tools allow you to view your business by property and the property manager/management team for up to three tiers.
  • Web Portal Program – Our web portal makes it simple for each property to place their own orders that automatically integrate with your RollMaster Software system. This means you can serve your clients faster and keep them happy with your business and customer service.

How Do I Know If RollMaster Is Right For My Business?

We know that flooring software programs are a big decision for any business. To make sure you have all the details you need for your unique business we tailor our demonstrations to each and every business. Get in contact with us today and learn how RollMaster can bring your business to new heights!